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    Thread: A new job??

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      A new job??

      I dreamed that a lady (a thin woman with really short blonde hair probably 40/50yrs old) was offering me a job in Kouvola (that's in Finland, but I NEVER BEEN THERE and I never had a reason to think about that city) where I needed to take care about a flower reserve where she was working as well.
      While she was offering me this she was staying in a bend position towards the flowers.
      I wasn't able to see her face but just the back of her head.
      I was a bit hesitant about accepting or not but I remember nothing more.

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      It could be a message about your feminine side.
      And Kouvola is noted for how much is water, though only about an eighth, which may mean emotions or that feminine quality.
      The thought of the light was short, yet seemingly old.
      And the flower reserve obviously is that side, it's blossoming, that perhaps you may need to work at.

      Bending down to it means lowering yourself, being humble perhaps - submitting, needed for this to happen.
      Hence this face is not seen. As if facing the other way.
      Hesitation then may be in your way.


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