Two police officials weren't willing to help me, so when I saw them kissing each other I reported him.
Not because I was homophobic, but for vengeance.
After that I found myself in an office, sitting at my computer desk between two people, both girls; Not sure about the one at my left, but the one on the right was a classmate of mine in primary school.
As me she had to take a train to come back home, but since I'm a solitary person, I didn't wanted her to know about the fact that we had to take the same train.
(note. It's the second time that I dream about trains and girls who have my same destination).
Going on I find myself in a passage, like at the middle between the end of a room and the beginning of another one.
A boy was moving near me.
He was blond with short hair; I wasn't able to see him clearly, but to me, he gave me the feeling he was resembling something of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
I felt I was in love with him.
My feelings were of desire. Longing for him in a way a person in love would do.
He desired me too.
The only problem it's that he was already married with a little baby.
Immediately after this, I find myself around Charles Michael Davis and his wife (she was pretty different from the one he's engaged with).
It felt as if I were the third wheel and his spouse was jealous of me, because she thought me and Charles were cheating on her (which it was clearly not, since I was in love with the other man).
We were on the outside, there was lot of solar light, so much light that our surroundings were almost looking white. It was blinding but it didn't hurt the eyes.
There was grass as well, and I saw their child running back and forth.
I then remember I torned up weed that had some kind of strange flowers over it, so I cut it off, by leaving the weed and keeping the flowers.