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      What do these reoccuring dreams mean?!

      I have 4 reoccuring dreams/nightmares that i feel terrified during. What do they mean?! Does anyone else have these dreams???

      1. I dream i can fly over cities or i jump and end up going like 50 stories in the air but then panick because i will have to come down eventually and will probably fall and die.

      2. I dream i cant walk. I either have what it semms to be super heavy legs that i try dragging around or it seems my legs are too weak to hold me up so i stumble around.

      3. I dream i cant see. Everything is blurry and walk into things and am feeling terrified.

      4. I dream im driving and the breaks dont work and i crash into things.

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      I think all of these dreams represent an approach-avoidance conflict concerning freedom. You want freedom, but also want to avoid it because something bad might happen due to not having enough support or control.

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