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      I really don't know what's wrong between us

      Days ago, I wrote a post saying I dreamed to be married to one man in particular, after the night before I said to myself that, even without knowing why, I'd have ended up with him or with another one.
      Then, the night after I still dreamed about him, together with a little boy, which I felt wasn't his son.
      We currently don't talk or see each other, and that we live in different countries at the moment.
      Apart from this, we have three moles in the same places over our bodies.

      Well, I'd really like to ask you another related thing that popped up in my mind in this moment.
      Years ago, while I was listening to his songs (he likes to sing), I HAD A VISION, of a teenage girl, in all her details, but living in a home that I wasn't able to recognize (like if it was in the USA, but we're not American) and it felt as if me and him were her parents.
      Years after (still talking about long time ago), I literally found someone who was looking like her, in front of me, while I was working, and while she was with her true parents of.

      Does it has a particular meaning?
      Because I see or dream about children (both male and female) related to him too often in the course of the years.
      And the fact is that I don't feel the need to have any kind of relation with him anymore.
      I still care about him of course, but that's all, because we are too different; Mostly because we have different beliefs and I feel that his beliefs are very negative to my soul.

      Plus, as I wrote, he has a thing for music and, when he played at the little club near my house, I remember that, before he was even able to notice me he unconsciously turn at me and sang the line "I Love You".
      But I know for sure he didn't that on purpose, his eyes were fixed in my direction with much intensity, but I felt like he didn't even knew why.
      Inside of me I felt as if it was a strange force pushing him, but I can be wrong obviously.

      Could this have a meaning as well?
      Someone told me he might be a Twin Flame.
      Is there something more?
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      These children you dream of with him sound like your new growth that he has helped give birth to.
      A boy resembles your masculine side, which is assertion, action. And it wasn't of him seems to say not wanting to be with him, or you asserting this.

      That waking vision may also be symbolic of this, a girl or feminine for the emotions you felt, the relationship or love you wanted, maybe as well as literal.
      And the real girl you later saw, perhaps a reminder in the real world of what you wanted to make real, like confronting yourself.

      Yeh it seems you are mirrors of each other. You fit together but don't.
      Some would say it's all for lessons. Prophesy is possible too. He may be showing you your dark side, and the force of love above.

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