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    Thread: Paper about LD published on Nature

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      Paper about LD published on Nature

      Hi all !

      It seems a very complex study but in case someone is interested here is the link
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      Interesting; thanks for sharing!

      As usual with these reports (I think I've read three or four over the years, including LaBerge's) the caveats sort of threaten the conclusions: It would be nice if they could run tests on larger groups (i.e., just one subject was monitored by fMRI), and if somehow all results weren't based on what the subjects recalled -- memory can be a very fallible thing, especially when a subject is trying to be helpful in an experiment like this.

      Regardless, though, it's nice to know that some scientists somewhere are still looking at this stuff, and that they say always such nice things about the quality of frequent LD'ers' brain functions...assuming of course that all those acronyms stand for good things!

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