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    Thread: Little to non dream recall

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      Little to non dream recall

      I started learning about LD a few weeks ago, and it said to be able to become lucid, I needed to remember my dreams first.
      That makes sense to I started a DJ. In the 2,5 weeks that I've been trying to remember my dreams I've only remembered 2 of them, 1 of which I had during the night and I woke up but I was so tired so I wasn't able to write it down.
      I noticed that 1 time (when I remembered) I did a WBTB and a mantra for 5 minutes after I woke up and I was able to remember 1 dream really clearly, even though it was a really short dream.

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      Cool!! Just keep up the great work!! Welcome to the forum!!

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      Exercising our memory of past events can help us remember dreams. We can exercise our memory of past events by trying to remember past events.

      When remembering dreams, try to learn from them. Try to learn what the experience of dreaming is like by using past dreams as examples. This will help in learning to identify dreams without waking from them.
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      Here is the process I recommend. Get a voice recorder. Smart phones will have one. Drink enough liquid that you will wake one time half way through your nights sleep. Immediately upon this mid-night wakening record about 3 key words from what was just in your mind. Say a dream was happening before you woke and it is fading fast, record a few words only. There was a 'ship' an 'island' and 'running' as an example. Then go back to bed. Your only goal at first is during your day try to remember roughly what made you record those words. If you came up with this much it would fulfill the first goal. I was standing on an old time wooden ship; somehow it changed to a tropical island; some one was running from something and I saw them go by me.
      After that is pretty easy you try to recall whole sentences and record about 3 and do the same process of trying to remember the scene that each sentence came from. Do this just like you would try to remember what happened in a movie.
      A couple months of this and your brain will start recording more of the dream into memory then you should be able to start recalling dreams to some degree.
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