Date 7/24/2017
Time log starting time 1:40 Am
The supplements that you took before bed: Never.
Dream total recall:6
Total Lucid recall:0
Just sharing.
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Non-Lucid: In the dream, I recall that the city that I observed, sat only a few miles in the distance, from the rolling hills covered in suburban life. It looked like a distant place. The hills were a warren of large homes, stores, new industrial buildings, a huge power station, with large open lots dotted in between. I recall hearing laughter drifted from one of the wide lots. The land didn't belong to anyone yet and it had become a sort of park for the local children, carefully tended to by their parents. Several small girls sat on a big spread of colorful blankets and were sharing a picnic under the watchful gaze of a mother. The ground suddenly shook and there were people who stumbled and falling to the ground.
In the dream, the DCs screamed as I stood up from behind the power plant’s big building until my head and large shoulders were high enough to blot out the early rising moon. I was now a giant.
A little girl dropped her bag of chips, staring entranced. She heard her friends abandon their game, crying and shouting about the giant monster the whole way back to the car. Some of them called to her, but the girl remained cemented in place. There was something familiar about the giant apparently.
Not thinking, the DC, little girl walked over the train tracks and out onto a field to see better, but she lost her balance again as I stomped closer. In the dream, I was carrying a couple of the metal towers in my arms, moving awkwardly with them. Something had to be wrong with the towers. I recall that I pulled to a stop just a dozen feet away from her, but this Dream Character failed to sense the danger in her position, even though the ground was shaking worse than ever.
Craning her neck back, she watched as I heaved the huge things into the bay. They soared like they were just cardboard boxes, sailing down into the icy water, where the purple blasts sizzled out slowly.
"That's one way to take out the trash, huh?" I recall muttering to my self.
I recall that I just stood there, shoulders sagging as I backpedaled a few steps from the edge. I felt tired. As I turned to face the power plant again, the last lights remaining illuminated his silhouette.
I frowned. People running away wasn't exactly what I had thought would happen after I had saved the day. What did I do to screw up, now? Okay, there had been a couple of guys stuck on an electrical tower, unable to get down before the toxic sludge had surrounded it. But I had gotten them down before the tower had erupted in huge purple sparks.
"Why are they running away?" The DC small voice drifted up to me. She was standing on my palm of my hand.
Quickly erasing the frown from my face, I looked back at the DC. She looked like a perfect little Polly Pocket doll, hair still bright in the darkening evening. And all of about three or four inches to my view. Nope. Can't think of it that way. She's still the same size and I'm the different one. Giant again. Crap, I can still feel what it was like with those two guys in my hands.
"Well," I recall stumbling with my words, "They're, uh… They're just going someplace safe."
A shout stopped me in mid-sentence. "HEY! You! Giant... Lady? Giantess!"
I whipped my head around. One of the workers I had pulled down from the tower was standing on a huge truck, one of several guys desperately holding onto it and waving my way while telling truck slowly drove away.
"It's coming at you!" The man yelled and pointed. The other workers shouted too, multiple voices drowning out their exact words.
Fear shot through my veins. I shifted again, mindful of the DC who was now cringing by my knee. The sludge was moving my way, gaining momentum as the slope tilted down to me. To a lot of homes.
I looked down at the DC. Her eyes were so bright from fear, I had no problem seeing them from my height. "Do you trust me?"
The tiny one nodded immediately, her hands wrung before her. Barely perceptively, I nodded back at her and moved a hand towards her. The little girl backtracked a few steps when she faced the incoming hand. My heart ached at her moving away from me, but I could hardly blame her. Enlarged to sixty feet tall made this 10-year-old barely the length of my ring finger.
"It's okay, sweetheart… It's okay. I've got you." The muffled words tried to comfort as the gloves closed around her. I cradled her more carefully than any jewel I'd ever handled- for certain, I knew I had never held anything as fragile or precious. She shuffled towards the opening between my hands, looking up at me, then up at the fingers arching over her head.
In the dream, I stood to my full height, like in my other dreams, keeping the Dream Character close as I quickly surveyed the area. Rows of neat, grid-like houses lay past the hillside before us. To the right, the bay sprawled out, and then behind me on top of the hill, the power plant sat with alarms blaring. I made a hasty decision and veered for the homes. No doubt there would be a flurry of panicked families any second now; seeing a giant lady through the living room window could ruffle a few feathers.
"Alright," I recall grunting, bending down to set her on the roof of the nearest home. Shouts distantly traveled through the windows but I ignored them. "I need you to stay right here until I come back for you, okay?"
"You'll come back?"
I nodded, "I promise. But don't move from here until I do."
With that, I stood again and took off for the plant. My tremendous strides carried me parallel to the sludge mess, uphill and back towards the source of the trouble.
When I reached the top, I stood there, towering over everything, then raced off to find a way to contain the new flow of toxic crap. From my aerial view, I could see a rescue response team and firetrucks coming, racing past the trucks full of employees. I would have left it to the professionals now that they were nearby, but it would take more than a fire hose to contain this mess.
With time running out, I lunged to pry at a massive metal sign on one side of the plant. The shiny nameplate swung on its hinges, then ripped off, bringing a section of the metal roof with it. As I tried to get a good grip on the heavy mass of metal, I happened to glance down. One last employee was standing there with his car keys in his hand, looking too shocked to move. He wore a janitor's jumpsuit, mouth agape.
"Hey," I cocked my head in a greeting that was far too casual. "I'm just going to borrow this… Don't worry, I hear these things are insured. I think."
The sign began to dig into my hands. Grunting under its growing weight, I tried to get a better grab on it. The whole chunk was old, made of a thick metal that was almost as long as I was tall. Not the easiest thing to move- even as a giant.
Looking down by my feet again, I saw that the man was still standing there, one hand on his car and the other gripping his keys. He might have been trembling, but I wasn't in the best position to check.
"C'mon buddy, you need to get out of here," I grunted. I was a little annoyed that he was still there in my dream. "I can help, but, I can't get you out at the same time. I'm not that flexible"
The metal mass slipped, dropping from my fingers. I cursed and dropped to my knees, so I could stop the sign from hitting the ground, and the old man that just kept standing there.
The sign and attached roof part landed in my hand. A corner punctured a deep gash in my palm was opened. Pain shot up my arm as a new cut added to the strain. The feeling of being this height has its drawbacks... I know this from some of my other dreams.
I steadied the sign against my knee and yet again looked down for the old janitor. The man had fallen to his rear, but at least he looked more alive now. He looked like my dad.
"SIR! DPD! Evacuations are THIS way!" A voice bellowed over the noises of sirens and mass confusion.
Shocked, I followed the voice. It sounded familiar. Not far away, a figure in dark but plain everyday clothes, stood, patiently waving for the janitor. A flash of light from the oncoming fire trucks glanced off a badge that hung from the man's neck.
"Boothy?" I muttered. I knew him from College in real life.
There was a scrambling sound by his feet, and seconds later, the old janitor had reached my friend from school. Who still looked big even though I was bigger than anything else in the area. He was Six-four, about the same height as Chevy Chase.
Boothy paused before leading the old man away. He was one of the few people who would recognize me. I frowned and readied himself for an argument, but boothy just waved his hand in my direction.
"Get going!" Booth yelled.
I nodded and slowly stood up.
Steadily, I walked back, having to dodge around the areas where I had stopped the sludge and it now sat, hardening and smelly. Most of the towers were taller than me, but some were shoulder height.
I recall that in the dream, the wet grass sank under my heels as I pivoted again. It was a weird feeling, one that reminded me how unfathomably heavy I was now. This whole 'giant' thing was still far from normal for me.
Angling myself before the incoming sludge, I slammed the heavy metal chunk into the ground. The ground trembled from the impact like something heavenly had crashed down. I could smell the acrid poison racing closer, spreading wider and gaining fuel from the organic material is consumed.
I pushed at the edges of the metal piece and a growl tore from I that might have made the god proud. Incredibly, I felt the solid metal began to give way under my persuasion, bending with a slow groan. Sweat slipped down my face as I opened my eyes that I hadn't realized they were closed. I kept pushing, bending the metal into a sufficient dam. A few more moments passed, and I realized I had done it. The sign was buried solidly into the ground, bent to keep the toxic material pooled there like the end of the world's worst slip and slide.
Then I woke up...