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    Thread: I had a baby!!

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      I had a baby!!

      Tonight I dreamed of looking in the mirror and finding myself with a double breast.
      Both were very big and the latter was below the one I have; It scared me, so I remember taking it in my hands, and noticing that it was full of milk.
      I throw the excess content in the sink, because, realizing that I was apparently becoming a mother, I didn't want to gobble up my daughter 'till the nausea, so I go into the kitchen, and I find this little girl in my arms.
      She looks and smiles at me in a seriously lovely and unconditional way, and after a few moments she begins to suck.
      After she's finished, I look at her and realize that she has black hair in bob, and her face is a little chubby.
      After seeing her, I feel lot of joy, which almost brings me to tears.
      A feeling that filled my heart.
      I also gave her a name but I don't remember which one, I only remember that it was a short one and ended with an O.
      I would like to clarify that it is the first time I dream of having a baby, and especially a girl, since I always dream of (even if not my children) boys.
      In the middle of all this, my mother was in the kitchen too, and after a while I noticed that she hold a baby in her arms as well (I do not remember if it was a boy or a girl).
      I am sigle and in my late 20's.

      The absurd thing is that this took place in the kitchen of the house where I lived with my parents.
      It's now literally more than ten days, that every time I dream something, it takes place in that house, and I don't understand why, because I hate that house, it is full of quarrels, presences, and it happens that I even dream about the man who was once my father, which makes me disgusted, thinking about the negative relationship we have.
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