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      My ex best friend came to me

      I dreamed of my ex-best friend, showing up under my parents' house.
      To make sure you understand the dream, I can tell you that our friendship lasted 10 years, but a few years ago I decided to interrupt it, after discovering that, she did several bad things behind my back.
      She's always insisted contrary, but obviously, after I found the proof, I hadn't any intention to listen to her.
      Returning to the main topic, I was inside, and I told my mother, to clearly say that I wasn't at home, but she carelessly went downstairs to talk to her anyway.
      She was inside the car, at the passenger seat, wearing a black t-shirt with a white draw on it, but I could not see her face.
      Instead, a blond, long-haired boy was at the driver's seat, but he wasn't the boyfriend she has in real life.
      Suddenly a great fight arises between all of us: I start to scream to all them.
      I yelled at my mother for not listening to my request, to the boy because he jumped into the discussion, without knowing anything and to her because she kept saying that she had never really done anything to me.

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      You can't be best friends with everyone forever... Change is a good thing. You have unresolved tension that you had seeped into your dream world.
      I bet you felt frustrated that your friend is not listening to you? Or that you are not really listening to yourself? I take it that you don't want anything to do with this person? Has she stalked you or something? Have you tried to make it clear to her that you don't want anything to do with your dream character in the dream, or in real life?
      Perhaps you need to let go? For me, I still have dreams like this from time to time but, it's not as intense for me now...
      I have had to force myself to Dream Journal it and now they are not that bad. I asked these people what they want and found the answer. They are now just people in the background and nothing more than that.

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