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      Such a men eater!

      I dreamed I was inside someone's house, a woman who had to do with the supernatural world.
      Suddenly the voice of my grandpa came out of my body (he's dead) and I can tell you that his voice was the voice of a demon.
      He kept screaming, trying to justify himself, while this woman was trying to push him away, saying that he's done what he's done for me.
      The scenario changed, I find myself having an affair with a male singer.
      It was Saint Valentine, or another day were love had to be celebrated and I saw myself put a picture of him over the shelf of a bookcase, where he was basically naked.
      I saw his body covered with light body hair and even his anal hole.
      I changed picture and I chose one where he was wearing a red suit.
      He was smiling and his eyes were closed.
      His intentions were genuine towards me and I remember thinking I was proud of him, to the point I was bragging about it, but felt kinda awkward at the same time because I didn't like his toothing, and so how his mouth was shaped around them.
      Next, I dreamed another man, someone involved with music, which I feel we share a strange deep connection in real life. (We have literally 3 moles in the same places over our bodies, years ago, while I was listening to him singing I had the vision of a teenage girl, which I felt was our daughter, and who I literally saw in front of me in real life, years after, and plus I always dream babies, both boys and girls, around him. All of this, despite I'm not interested in having a real relationship with him anymore, since we're too different, even over our religious beliefs. It happened two people told me we're twin flames as well, but I don't really know.)
      I was living in his hometown, and we had a baby boy.
      It was winter and the streets were covered with snow.
      It was night, and two men were standing and talking at each other.
      One of them was standing on the sidewalk, the other one was on the edge of street.
      While talking about their business, they were looking at me, since I was moving back and forth trying to find the bus number 1.
      I wanted to bring my baby with me to my country (we both live in Europe but in different states), and I remember complaining about how such an important capital as the one my husband was living in, didn't had a strong connection of transportation, and so I told to my son that we unluckily had to take 4/5 changes, from taxi, to busses, to trains.
      Ps. It's the second time in months that I ask to the unknown to make me dream about the love of my life, and every time, I end up with dreaming about the last man I wrote about, and everytime we're married already.
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