Non-Lucid: I had a dream that I was at my sister's house to babysit that dogs. It was about 10:00 in the morning. Then for some reason, Katie M was there, the last time she was in my dream she bumped into her twin and fell. I remember that I had walked up to her and asked her if she was okay. In real life, we don't talk anymore. I had a falling out friendship with her. At one point it was a bad falling out that made me feel bad. I don't talk to most people from that school anyways. Back to the dream, I remember that I looked at her in her face.
She gave me a blank expression, rolled her eyes and then huffed like to say, "Oh, you!!" Then I rolled my eyes, sighed and said, "I can't do this anymore!"
Then I walked away. I didn't even look back... Which made me feel good. I've even gone lucid before and made her disappear but, she comes back, part of my subconscious to me, this wasn't me really giving up, it is more like I'm in the process of healing still but, it takes a while to do so, You know? At least, that is how I see it. Sure these kind dream characters are annoying but, there isn't always a magic pill to make them go away.

Anyways back to the dream that I had last night, I recall then all was silent again. I noticed that Katie and even the dogs that I was supposed to watch had vanished in the dream, on their own. I remember that I shrugged.

Then a smile spread itself across my face at the thought of my boyfriend. The sound of a video call made me look down. I had my phone was in my hand, the screen indicating that I was currently calling my boyfriend. I frowned slightly. When had I done that?
"Hey!!" My boyfriend exclaimed immediately, his Handsome face with his piercing green eyes appearing on my screen, and like that, any and all of my concerns were forgotten.
"Hi, Honey! Guess what? I want to see you. In person." I Said, giggling.
"Do you want to-"

Honey, where are you?

His echoing voice intruded upon my consciousness and I was plunged into utter darkness and silence.

"Babe, where are you?!!

I recall that he distraught pleading cut through the silence, pulling other sounds with it. I blinked, bewildered, and the world faded back in from nothingness. I was now staring up at the ceiling, frantic voices floating over to me from a few inches away. I sat up slowly, taken aback to find myself sprawled across the hardwood floor.

He shouted out my real name.

"Okay, we're coming over there right now," He declared.

"No, no!" I spoke finally. There was momentary silence on the other end. "I'm- I'm okay," I placated. "I just-" I groaned slightly in pain.

This was when I realized I didn't know what I was going to say. At that point, I abandoned the sentence and crawled over to where the phone had fallen, thankfully unharmed and helpfully face up.

"Hi," I greeted sheepishly, grinning down at them all in what I hoped was a reassuring expression. I was alarmed to find that my boyfriend looked pale and shaken, he was in the middle of shoving items into his backpack, and was studying me carefully, car keys in his hands.

I swallowed. "Uh, sorry." "Sorry?"

"Are you alright?" he asked. "What happened?"

"I'm fine, I'm great," I assured them quickly, while my stomach tied itself in knots at the scared look on his face.

I tried to reassure my boyfriend, yet again, that I was okay, "I'm sorry," I said guiltily, wishing I hadn't called him in the first place. "I'm just tired."

Complete and total exhaustion weighed down on me. This is not the first time I had a dream like this, other fainting dreams were at a store where I would faint and wake up in the Hospital with a dream character that reminds me of Lauren B, who I went to school with looking over me. I think that the reason I had the dream like that was that the other day, I was exhausted in real life. I was running around and had stayed up late doing my laundry until 5:00 in the morning. I was a zombie when I went to bed.

In the dream, "Really, really tired," I managed.

"Then get some rest," He ordered me gently. I'll come by to check up on you," He informed me, his authoritative tone leaving no room for argument - not that I had the energy to argue anyway.
I smiled or at least tried to. Not wanting to pass out again while on the phone with my already worried boyfriend, I hurried to wrap up the call before I faded out completely."Love you!" I mumbled.

Then shoved my finger into the end call button on the screen. I briefly flirted with the notion of getting up and moving over to the couch but found I lacked the ability to move at all. I laid my head directly on the floor, uncaring, and then let myself drift finally to sleep. Then I woke up in the dream and found myself semi-conscious with my sister, Paula standing over me asking me how I was feeling. She was checking up on me... I felt like when you are home from school and your parents checking up on you... Then I woke up.