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    Thread: weird dream regarding angels and harbringers

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      weird dream regarding angels and harbringers

      I was in a room...can't really tell how it looked like but in front of me there was a board but I don't remember its color. In front of me there was also a person that was acting like a teacher or coach? Not sure. Anyway, right next to me there was another person (a female). This female was in the same situation as me - trying to understand what this person that stands in front of us really wants to tell/show us.

      This is what I remember seeing him writing on the board : Angel - 2 harbingers.

      There was also a symbol right next to "harbingers"

      Really hard to tell what it really was but to the best of my knowledge it was a circle that had a vertical line in the middle of the circle and that line was a little to big to fit into the circle so a little bit of that line was coming out the circle's top and bottom part.

      Perhaps it has no meaning...perhaps it does. I really wanna find out.

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      It seems the division between your two halves - one being emotions, relations, communications - or between you and a female, is a bit big.


      a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.
      a forerunner of something.

      So maybe the learning was about these two halves or two sides, to make a whole or you want that division, that will bring another you, or someone, who protects and helps, or is very good or loving.
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