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      What kind of dream is this

      This happened to me while I was traveling on a bus this year. And I was awake in the middle of night for a while and went back to sleep at around 3am. While I was going into sleep in less than 20minutes, I experienced the following in dreams.

      My dream - I was blabbering in dreams the following "Death and some date". It was me who was thinking of the word death and date(month and day). Nothing else in the dream. No other character in my dream.

      I got up all of a sudden and got scared. I don't know how to interpret this dream. What kind of dream is this?

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      First you gotta understand, dreams have meaning.

      Dreams don't just randomly arrange themselves for nothing, even a novice lucid dreamer could tell you that dreams have meaning, anyone that hasn't found this out yet, simply hasn't found it out yet, or are delusional

      This probably means that your subconscious is telling you that you have a fear of dying, or a fear of knowing when you're gonna die, or probably both, who knows.

      Now don't think this is some kind of pre-cognitive dream (Dreaming of something before it happens.), i guarantee you, 99.9% of the time, it's gonna be some kind of repressed emotion, as i said above, or.......... you could be dying on that date. :3 who knows hahahahhaha

      Just a regular ol dream

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      Not all dreams have meaning. They can at times, especially if you're going through something intense, then of course you'll dream about whatever it is. But normally a lot of dreams reflect little more than what's called Day Residue, which is just random stuff you've seen or heard over the past week or so during the day.

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      I could never sleep on a bus or plane. It just never happens..i hear too much noise. If you were actually on a bus, perhaps your dream was affected by something in physical background..people talking, kids shouting or fighting. Its gets noisy. Your ears aren't taking in the same sounds you're accustomed to (when regularly sleeping at home).
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