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    Thread: Has anyone ever had a dream character that smells so good in their dream??

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      Has anyone ever had a dream character that smells so good in their dream??

      Has anyone ever had a dream character that smells so good in their dream??
      I had a dream character that smells like cookie dough in my dream because he was baking cookies. You should have seen him. He had flour in his black short wavy hair and flour smeared all over his cheek. When I got home for work in the dream, he said in an awkward smile, "Surprise!" The whole kitchen was a mess. He said that he wanted to surprise me with cookies for Valentine's day.
      I couldn't help but, laugh at this DC. When we kissed, he tasted like cookie dough. :grin: Then we had a food fight.
      Share your experience with the senses in the dream.
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      I will not go into details, but recently I summoned a girl of my fantasies, her soft skin had aroma of peaches and her lips had a taste of raspberries. She had deep green eyes and golden long hair. We were on a small island, making love on the beach.

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      The first one that comes to mind is a dream I had years ago in which I drank a peach flavored beer. This was before I had even tried beer, but in the dream it tasted much like beer does, and the peach flavor was very distinct; I can still remember it pretty vividly.
      Iíve had a few vivid tactile sensations in dreams, one being an underwater creature of some sort that felt exactly like a rock comepletely covered in a thin layer of algae, and another being the sensation of some insect grasping onto and biting my hand (I woke up and my hand was asleep).
      I can remember a few with vivid sounds, usually music, such as notes being played on a piano or a chord being struck on a guitar).
      Iím having some difficulty thinking of dreams with vivid scents, though. Thatís not to say that there arenít any, but theyíre probably less frequent than dreams with other prevelant senses.

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