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    Thread: what do the timeline of your dreams look like?

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      what do the timeline of your dreams look like?

      I like to analyze dreams to see if there are common themes and whatnot, and so I made a timeline (https://time.graphics/line/135467). What do you guys think your timelines look like? Any cool months in a row of good dreams? Any thoughts on my timeline?
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      I could defiantly build one. I have a digital dream journal who's oldest entries are pushing 10 years, and there are very definite up and downs. I know there was a very high time in summer 2011 where I had lucid dreams every other night for about a month. But there are also big gaps. I'm kinda coming out of one right now; where I haven't done any lucid dreaming, mostly just dream journaling for a very long period of time.

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