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Lucid: I had a dream where I was relaxing in a hot bathtub full of bubbles, a glass of wine resting on the edge nearby. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift away for a while.
I was reminded of my dream character with his boyish smile that lit his eyes with mischief, his ridiculous jokes, and the warmth that spread right through my body every time he touched me. It had been this dream character that had encouraged me towards the bathtub, instead of my usual quick and functional shower to rinse the day away, insisting it would help me to relax.

I suspect that he also encouraged it because he loved the honey and vanilla scent that lingered on my skin afterward; nuzzling his face into my neck and breathing in deeply when I would reappear in the bedroom, wrapped in a fluffy towel.
"Need a hand with that?" The Dream Character appeared out of nowhere.
He gestured towards the knot of my towel now, all suggestive eyebrows and a smirk on his lips. I recall that I replied with a little smile of my own.
I knew that he loved it when I took control, knocking him off balance and onto his back on the bed, straddling his hips and making demands of him that he was only too happy to oblige.

Still slightly damp from my bath, my long dirty blonde hair clipped up high on top of my head and my skin flushed, I recall that I met his eyes and felt the heat I saw there burning a path through to my soul, leaving me, a touch lightheaded.
"Sure-" was all I could get out before he leaped at me, grabbed me by my waist and then pulled me into a kiss.
"You smell so good after you've been in there, it drives me crazy." He breathed against my ear after we'd pulled apart. A little smile played on my lips and I ducked my eyes. "You know it too, you do it on purpose..."

At this point in the dream, I recall that I remember realizing that I was dreaming. I can feel a static forming all around me. Then a brilliant light radiated from my soul. He squinted then turned away from the blinding light.
"Honey. you are glowing!! What is going on" He said when he finally spoke.
Then I could feel myself start to float on air. The poor DC looked like he didn't really know what to do. I could feel the fear in his eyes.
"All right, that's it. Bed, now!" He growled playfully at me. I just laughed.
"Oh, you think I'm playing around, huh?"

He hauled me up against his chest and backed me up towards our bed. my laughter dissolved into giggles that I hated but couldn't help. Once I was flat on my back on the mattress though, they came to an abrupt halt.
Then I recall that I sat up and unclipped my hair, letting it fall in messy waves past my shoulders, and settling back down as he slowly pulled the towel away from me. He leaned over me, taking my left hand in his and kissing my knuckles, over and around the glinted softly in the bedroom lamplight. His kisses continued down my wrist, up to my shoulder, then against my lips and neck, over and over again until I felt dizzy.
He finally pulled away for breath, both of us panting, his eyes on me, then trailing down my body from my delicate collarbones, over my breasts, my flat stomach, my thighs...

In the dream, he grinned at me as he dropped quietly to his knees onto the floor at my side of the bed. Taking my left ankle gently in his hand, he kissed a slow trail up my leg, lifting it higher so my could rest my foot on the bed. I sighed and wriggled a bit to get more comfortable, butterflies tying themselves into knots in my stomach in anticipation.
He knew me so well, knew what I needed to be completely at ease and drawn out of the complicated workings of my mind for this to be really, really good.

"You're so beautiful." He told me.

"You're not so bad yourself." Looked at each other at that moment we both felt that sweet warmth between us.

"Good?" he asked, and I could hear the grin in his voice. He knew he'd done good, at the sight of the shivering, incoherent mess he'd reduced me to.
Licking my lips once I had regained my composure, I sat up on the edge of the bed and reached for him. He was still dressed in a black t-shirt and blue striped pajama bottoms, and I tugged on the hem of his t-shirt, silently demanding that he get naked with me, pronto. Pulling his t-shirt over his head and tossing it behind him, he drew closer to me, smiling at the way I looked up at him coquettishly from under my lashes. Running my fingertips over his abs, I gripped his hips. He bit his lip and a shiver rolled through him.

Then I woke up.