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      The variables in dream amount/count & recall

      I've been pondering what are the variables that affect both how much we dream and how many. Dream recall is something separate I think.

      So, I have a bunch of ideas based on my own experiences that seems to dictate which variables affect how many dreams, how long they are and how much I remember.
      I've been observing Variables and factors such as:

      1. What Time I go to bed
      2. How large the evening meal was or if I skipped it.
      3. Amount of exposure to 'blue light' from screens e.g. phone, tv, computer
      4. Amount of exposure to sunshine and fresh air ( oxygenates the blood & brain )
      5. Level of exercise
      6.My quality of overall nutrition
      7. Daily stresses or lack of them
      8. Level of mental will & intent to have and remember the dreams.
      9. Dream journal...

      Sometimes I'll get a night where I'm lacking in where I think I should optimally be and I'll wake up in the morning with a 'marathon' amount of dreams. Other nights, I'll do tons of stuff to 'prime' myself for a busy night and I'll barely have any dreams or remember.

      Of course, these are the exceptions and not the general rule.

      Your thoughts?

      What affects your nights which makes you seem to have more or less dreams and help you recall?

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      I'll just add......

      Sleep Cycle Awareness.

      I am finding that when I get the timing right with my REM cycle and I choose the right induction technique for that period, I get best results. I guess that would not apply to those who are using an alarm clock to force the issue.

      That's a pretty complete list, though, relative to my somewhat limited experience.
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      I too have noticed a high dream recall on mornings after a day where I wasn't thinking about dreams much and vice versa...

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