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      Dreaming ex boyfriend gets someone pregnant.

      My ex broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. It was a rocky relationship but I loved him so much. He ended it. Since then heís been drinking every night and so on. I no longer have contact with him. The last three days I have had the same dream over an over. Either slightly different but the same concept of him getting someone pregnant. The one I had last night the baby was pretty big so Iím assuming he was still with me when he got her pregnant. Another was she was to far along and it wouldnít of been his. What does this mean??? Edit: I would also like to add that during our relationship he had cheated on me I donít know if thatís why I keep having the dreams but I was over the fact that he did. I have also been trying to move on with my life but have good and bad days. I donít know if this relates but he has a daughter he has not seen in years. Hw walked out on her. I have a little boy and he has been in his life since we got together. He was an amazing father to him and my son loves him very much. However no longer wants to see him assuming cause im there. When he broke up with me after a few days of contacting and then me finding out I was pregnant and telling him he had started talking to me again. He didnít want to keep it and wouldnít of been around. I sadly lost that baby. Hope a bit of background helps more.
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