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      War Story Dream

      Okay, here is a place where you can share your "War Stories", "tragedic events" or "Spy" Dreams. This can be dreams where you were fighting in a war in our history or an war that this not real.

      My example:
      1. I have been in the trenches in Verdun in my dreams. I remember DCs being killed right in front of me... It was raining and muddy. There was a flood in the trenches and at one point we lost some of our food and supplies. They looked like they were suffering from shell shock. In the dream, I could feel the heat of the artillery when they were fired, and deafening sound when they were fired. The taste of dirt, I remember we smelt bad. The mix of blood, BO and death.
      I feel the rain pour as we lay in wait. I remember the smell of fire because the enemies were using a flamethrower. I recall the image of one of a young decapitated soldier is still hunts me to this day.

      2. I dreamt that I was posing as a Swedish journalist, I try to convince a Turkish general to form a separate peace with the allies instead of the other countries. Later, I learned that there was a traitor who was using the code-named 'The Wolf' in my spy network. My mission was jeopardized because of this. This Wolf could be someone in my dream that I knew from college.

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      1. I am playing golf at an academy of unknown study called "Beacon". ... I then declare the oath, and say dramatically, "welcome to beacon academy!" However, as my armor surrounds me, the father reveals that it's actually the code word to go in a war against the opposing academy. In a game style, it is shown on a board with two "bishop" type pieces distanced by quite a bit (across from each other diagonally), that control a diagonal over the center and don't do much else. Other students occupy the center and hide, and it is shown in first person an extremely difficult situation where I must hide from enemies and escape. Through multiple failures, we eventually overcome the others, and have the "main avatar" occupy the opponent's avatar location. My feedback was that there needs to be something to prevent the "corner bishop" since it is guaranteed, yet sits still for nearly the entire battle. full dream: Golf of a Lifetime

      2. I become lucid via WBTB and then decide to try creating a cyberpunk world... The scene then transitions to a different story.

      I am in a house with a pretty girl. People are arguing, and then she suddenly says: " the bombs will all fall down!" and then true to her words, gigantic bombs arrive, destroying the house. In explanation of this, there is an extremely convoluted plot involving a war and how I go on to attempt to stop the bombs from destroying the house. I kind of forget what happens, but in the end the girls' statement was somehow taken out of context and that the bombs were attacking a far-away house. My set-up was merely to prevent her abusive and cold parents, not preventing the bombs. I then become lucid again and then ask my subconscious what his favorite song is. I also remember an online tip where they said it could be better to ask what they have been listening to rather than their favorite song, but I already know what I was listening to the previous days. He states a song that I cannot recall, and also says Fickle Friend's Swim is one of his top-choices, along with one of Troye Sivan's songs, which slightly surprised me. full dream: Boom! Surprise!

      3. So there I was, in some jungle-kind of environment... In any case, I see two tribes, one water, one of plants, two completely opposite tribes. It seems that they are warring; with the cause being an elite force sent to the core to negotiate peace. However, it only almost succeeds as a woman who is presumed to be the other tribe's leader has a trap set, exploding all of them.

      As I attempt to infiltrate the opposing tribe's jail, another woman then begins to battle me, with my ultimate punch failing, as well as trying to call out my Dream Guide without his appearance, also finding the wording far too slow. However, I also find a new ability, "Perfect block", managing to deflect her blows without sustaining any damage. I comment on how my defenses are slowly surpassing my offenses, and then I manage to escape with the help of "22" ability, and infiltrate the jail of the opposing tribe, where rough men with beards and all looking tough and muscular, pounding against the glass, yelling and doing other various things. I notice their treatment and speak to someone, who shakes his head and says it is all a big misunderstanding. He shows a video tape from the woman's point of view instead of my original tribe's point of view. It is revealed then, that the woman was indeed controlled by some ghostly force only visible from the opposing tribe, and exploded only because the ghost willed her to. I am shocked by this, stating: "Another M. Night Shyamalan Twist!" And gasp, then am also surprised that I did not wake up from that. Regardless, even with this misunderstanding revealed, there is never a clear ending as to whether the war was resolved or not. full dream: Jungle War With a Twist

      4. I am in a war and I am on the losing side with some warriors. I become lucid. As the opposing side sends warriors, I snap my fingers, transforming them either into peacful unharming people, or having them on our side--or maybe both, I can't be too sure. The warriors on my side are very thankful for my help, but are worried for future soldiers that will come. I quickly and efficiently set up a multitude of traps, and another wave of warriors come, although they are mostly gotten rid of with my traps. As they shoot guns at me, I grin victoriously as they bounce off harmlessly with a golden glow on my body hinting my invincibility.

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