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    Thread: Cataloging dreams through drawing only

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      Cataloging dreams through drawing only

      When I say "drawing only", I don't mean it literally, I mean using drawing as the primary method for recording dreams. Like a comic, where you can have text describing things that you can't really draw, like feelings, conversations and so on.

      I've been thinking of trying this out for a while now, because my dreams are usually pretty big, and full of little details, and I often have to spend 1+ hour to make sure I get what seems like a sufficient portion of the dream down. Just yesterday, for instance, I had a dream spanning a week or so (logical time), and which lasted for about an hour, and that's just a lot of memories to be recorded. It almost feels like I'm writing a small movie sometimes. Most of the time spent writing my dreams down is spent making sure I get details down, and though I kinda have fun writing dreams, I hate describing things / objects / places, and I'd say that alone takes 50% or more of the writing process. On top of that time saving, I'd guess pictures are much better for recalling something than words, but I find the "stream of consciousness" writing provides often helps with that, so it's just a guess.

      I know many people like to draw parts of the dream, but I was curious if there were any people that just went full on drawing like I described, and what their experiences were with the method. Any other thoughts on this are welcomed as well.
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      I used to do that when I was little... I don't do that much anymore.

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