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    Thread: Tricked into slavery

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      Tricked into slavery

      Warning: graphic killing

      My family (Dad, Mom, Brother and I) won a vacation prize to Vietnam or some similar country. It turns out it was a scam to capture people and force them into slavery in some sort of crafts shop. When we arrived there were about 500 other slaves there. It was one building that looked like a huge church on the inside. There were about 10 Vietnamese guards all with AK-47s along with other Vietnamese employees doing various tasks. There were microphones everywhere inside the building to monitor everything the slaves were saying.

      At some point I see my brother talking to some female Vietnamese employee. She was responsible to sourcing all of the supplies, including weapons. After he finishes, he approaches me and asks me in a normal volume voice if I'm interested in staging an uprising. I remind him that there's microphones everywhere and that we should whisper. He agrees and we whisper the rest of the plan.

      My brother, two random other male slaves and myself will each be given an AK-47 from the female Vietnamese employee. We'll make a very bold, dangerous move and barge directly into the security room (basically acting as a break room for the guards) and kill all of the guards inside. Hopefully the other guards outside with the slaves will hear the commotion and come to us as we wait inside the room. We'll kill them as well and then everyone will be free. We'll take a plane and then fly somewhere. It was also brought up that AK-47s have a lot of kick and we need to use them in semi-auto to make sure we aren't wasting our limited ammo.

      I agree to the plan and then we go our separate ways. Eventually it's time for the plan and my brother gathers me and the other two guys. We all find the Vietnamese woman who shows us four AK-47s and some loaded magazines. We all get equipped and make our way to the security room. The first door is outside the bottom of stairs and the stairs led up to the actual security room and offices and such. We rushed through that door and up the stairs, but started getting shot at by one guard with an AK-47 whom was at the top of the stairs as we were climbing the stairs. We all aimed and shot about 5 shots full auto into the guard from about five feet away. His mangled corpse dropped to the floor in a bloody mess. We realized that one of our companions was shot in the head and killed on the stairs, but had to keep moving.

      Luckily the other guards were goofing of or something and were not armed, there were about five left in the security room. They started scrambling and running around to their offices to retrieve their AKs. Us three switched to semi-auto as we should have been at the start and started picking off the guards as they ran around. I shot one in the back of the head right as he ran into an office. I saw another inside an office trying to unlock a drawer. I looked right at him and about a second later he looked up at me. I aimed at his head and shot him right in the forehead. This massacre lasted about 10 seconds. After I noticed there wasn't anymore shooting I checked my surroundings. I saw that my brother and the one other ally were still alive, but didn't see any other guard corpses. Apparently all of the guards, excluding the one at the top of the stairs, had made it into separate offices before being killed. We could hear some Vietnamese yelling coming from outside the security room staircase, so we all hid in separate offices to wait for them to approach.

      I started thinking about how it was probably very convenient where the corpses ended up. Our one ally's corpse on the stairs probably made the remaining guards coming to check the security room less nervous, thinking we had failed and were killed by the guards in the security room. There was one guard corpse though, but only one. So the remaining guards still may not have fully panicked and refused to go up into the security room. Plus, that corpse was right at the top of the stairs, so if they stopped to check it they'd be in a very poor position.

      We could hear the remaining three guards slowly approaching, coming up the stairs. I was in the office right in front of the stairs. The other two ally's were in two separate offices next to mine (to my left, the guards' right). The guards weren't saying anything, which seemed strange. I assumed they would try calling out to their fellow guards, but they didn't. Once they get to the top of the stairs they see the first guard's corpse. One of them checks him out briefly, but quickly realizes he's very dead. They slowly keep walking up the stairs and to the right, which is towards the middle of the security room, in front of all the offices. Once the last guard got up the stairs and had taken a few steps to be right in front of me with his left side exposed to me, I popped up and started shooting him.

      The first guard I shoot at takes about four bullets before he slumps over, he didn't even get time to turn his gun around. As I take aim at the middle guard, they start to take aim at me and my brother and ally start shooting them. I see the two guards getting riddled with bullets, but I also fire into the middle guard. After us three shoot about 15 rounds combined, the other two guards drop to the ground. We leave the offices to check the three guards for signs of life. The front and middle guards were quite dead, but the last guard (the one I had shot) was still alive. I didn't hesitate and shot him in the head to finish him.

      Us three regrouped to discuss exactly what we should do next. We decided to cautiously leave the security room and go into the main, large slave room to check for any remaining guards. We make our way down the stairs and all group up just outside the door. We can hear a lot of talking from the slaves, understandably wondering what just happened. All three of us quickly rush through the door, but don't see any guards waiting through it. At this point all of the slaves go silent. We check the rest of the slave room, but don't find any other guards. We tell the slaves that we've killed all of the guards and they're free to leave. They started jumping and cheering and rush out of the building, which is the last I see of the slaves. We go through some employee section we leads us to a back entrance and to a small plane.

      The plane only has two seats. My brother takes the pilot seat, the other guy takes the co-pilot seat and I sit on the left wing. We take off and start flying to nowhere in particular. At this point the dream morphs into a zombie outbreak (not full apocalypse). As we're flying I can see devastation and zombies below us. Apparently some of the zombies can jump thousands of feet because a few of them jumped up and onto the plane's left wing. Whenever one of them got onto our plane I would have to punch it off. I look at some sort of in-game map which shows where the zombie nest is. I direct my brother to fly there.

      Once we land close to the zombie nest, we offload a tactical nuke from the plane. We all bring our AKs and the third guy is also carrying the bomb in a duffel bag. The nest is in a very large, maze like building. It's fairly well lit for having no electricity because of all the windows and holes in the building. As we enter we get rushed by some zombies, but mow them down. Our AKs magically never run out of ammo.

      We keep working our way through the building, killing at least a hundred zombies. We would just spray our AKs at any zombie we saw and would never have to reload. Eventually we find the nest. We're on the story above it, but the stairs down to the nest are collapsed. The nest just looks like a large hole with human sized eggs and zombies in it. We throw the bomb down into the nest and run out of the building, killing a few more zombies. We get back into the plane and take-off. We detonate the nuke and see the entire nest building get destroyed, as well as some surrounding buildings.

      We land the plane in civilization. My bro and the other guy mention they're going to go to some city. They get into a car and drive off.
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      Somehow that reminds me of a dream that I had once, where zombies dressed as regular people, I remember they were like "We serve Humans" and everyone wanted to be apart of it. Except, they weren't as you may think, they were really serving humans on the menu. Yum... Brains!!

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