Non-lucid: Had a dream that I was working at a college. I remember interviewing people in the dream. Then at one point, this girl who was 18, she was just finished unpacking her stuff, I was there because I had the keys to go into her room. She started to cry. I asked her what was wrong. She burst into tears, about her boyfriend dumped her and she had just found out before she came to this place in the dream that she was pregnant. Her roommate hasn't come yet in the dream, first-semester thing. She told me that she didn't tell her parents. This college was apparently, "Harvard" and it is harder to stay in college when you are going to have a baby. She said, she was about 4 weeks and she is really scared because she felt all alone in the world.
I remember doing the best of I can to comfort her.
We had a long talk. I tried to convince her to tell her parents at least.
She actually looked like she was 15 yrs old. She had blond hair she was wearing white pants and a white shirt. She was on the thin side. I remember that she said she felt bloated and everything. She was about 5'0 feet tall. I remember feeling really bad for her, she has her whole life ahead of her and then this happened. I woke up before I could ask if she was going to keep the baby. I wanted to help as much as I can. I don't know.
There is no way she really can keep up with school and having a baby.
It was just felt so right and the thing to do for the person that I just met in the dream... I was myself in the dream as far as I know.
Perhaps, I'm the one that needs help since a Dream Character is really apart of my subconscious. Maybe it's very a layered truth about what I'm feeling and who I am? Or it's is just a dream based on the fact that I wasn't exactly feeling well lately because of my ankle and all. Or I genuinely cared about someone who that it found it's way into my dream, somehow. I know nothing... It definitely felt real... The dream was a little foggy itself but, the emotional feeling was so clear. I felt like I had to be the emotional support for this character who was a mess. You know, that feeling, where you what to say something but, you don't know if it may harm or help them and you have no idea if what will happen next. I really felt the need to help as much as I can?
So, yeah that was one of my dreams that I had in the last night.