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      Feel Better Daddy!! Dream

      Yep, the dreams of the weird... In this dream, I seem to be living someone's else's life or morning.

      Had a dream where I woke up in a strange place next to someone who I didn't know, personally. I freaked out a little, I went to get up from the bed. My foot must have got stuck in the sheets. I fell and hit my head and blacked out.
      Next thing I knew, I was sitting at the corner of a kitchen counter holding an icepack on the side of my head. I remember that everything felt dizzy and foggy. The woman that was in bed with me, was staring at me with a look of concern. She had blond hair, she was still in her housecoat. She also, said, "Do you mind picking Darby up after school, tomorrow? I have a meeting tomorrow." There was long silence other than what was cooking in the kitchen and an old Grandfather clock, ticking the minutes away.
      There was the smell of toast in the toaster and something that smells like green peppers and eggs. Then I remember hearing the sound of little feet running down the stairs. I had a headache. My head pounded. My brain felt foggy...
      At one point, dropping the icepack onto the table and noticed my arms looked weird and hairy. I looked down at my PJ's that I was wearing. I wearing a charcoal color t-shirt. My eyes burned. Apparently, I had eyelash dandruff?? I had to take medication for that. My face itched, had a beard. My stomach growled and made all kinds of noises. Then I noticed a wedding band. "What? How did I get here?" Also, I looked at my reflection in the toaster notice and I wasn't me. Although, things seemed blurry in the dream.
      Just then I felt a little tug on my shirt that I was wearing, this little girl about 9, came over to show me a little card and said to me, "Feel better, Daddy." Then the woman yelled upstairs for someone named, Jack?
      The little girl was a cute raven haired little girl. She gave me a hug. Although, I think she could sense that something was wrong.
      I was so confused about what was going on. Then we were at some surprise party for some guy named, "Jeffrey Morgan" who didn't seem to be very happy about the surprise party. The dream was a little dark and a bit foggy but, I remember people dancing on a pool table.
      Then I woke up.
      I think it was Sunday morning in the dream too. Honestly, this felt very personal and it felt something like I wasn't supposed to know.
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