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    Thread: I had a dream that I was the newly elected President.

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      I had a dream that I was the newly elected President.

      Non-Lucid: Had a dream that I had just found out that I was the newly elected President. I was myself in the dream, I think? Apparently, I was at the front stairs of my house. It felt like it was November... It has actually kind of cold here in real life. I could smell the crisp in the air. I was surrounded by a lot of people, family, friends, and some voters.

      I got a call saying that my secret service detail wanted to meet me because I'm the new President and they need to talk to me about somethings. At one point, I remember that I dropped my Cellphone onto some Medium Round Bentwood things.

      I remember feeling the anxiety bubbling up and through-out my body. It was taking me a while to process the whole thing. It felt so surreal. I tried to keep my composure but, it was so hard.

      I mean when I was in high school, in real life, I was the Vice President of the Student Government then I was eventually was the President at school. Although, that felt like I was just a figurehead with less power to help the student body in real life. Maybe I didn't want to feel abandoned.

      I went to my garage and got into the secret service van and I remember saying something like, "The health care is such a mess, the world is a mess and I don't want to let down the people." I remember the feeling sort of regret? I wanted to cry a little. You know that feeling where you don't want to let your voters down. All of sudden, I felt a bit overwhelmed, Royal, yet, glad, in the dream. The world is counting on me to do the right thing. How am I going to do this in a diplomatic way without causing war? I tried to I keep my game face on so well, but, it was hard.

      The head lady who was a big lady gave me two Pills, Red and Blue. Note: I never watch the movie "The Matrix" so I really don't know much about "The Matrix" pills. Then I remember that I took the Red pill. Then I felt drowsy as the person who gave me the pills said that they gave these pills to every newly elected President.

      Then they someone offered to clean my house. Then they brought me, I mean carried me back into the house. I sort of can make out that someone said like, "Welcome to your new life!!" Or "Meet the new and approved you." I'm not sure.
      Then they put me on a white Cleopatra sofa and then everything went blank.

      Then I woke up. what do you think??
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      Wow! Great dream! Love the part about every new president is given those pills. Seems symbolic for all the secret stuff every president finds out about once they're elected, that then effects how they handle things. They end up doing things they didn't realize they'd have to do.
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