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      Jealousy of my clone/ Doppelgänger or whatever they call them now.

      Time log starting time: 2:10 pm
      The supplements that you took before bed: Never.
      Dream total recall: 1
      Total Lucid recall: 0
      Had a dream, a nap, the other day, that I felt rage, jealousy, and loneliness roll up into one. I know this sounds very narcissistic in a way but, this was how I felt in the dream. I know that people would think of this dream was a little self-absorbed in away. I mean when you see someone even yourself doing better than you at everything and you are now jealous of yourself... I'm waiting for someone to roll their eyes and say something like, "Get over yourself, jeez!!" Ha!


      Anyways, I recall that it all started when I was at my parent's house, this place looked a little different in waking life, my false home but, like an idiot, I didn't question that I was dreaming, or it didn't register that I could be dreaming, I just accepted it as it was.
      Then the scene change and I found myself at the lake house. I recall that it was summer, probably on the 4th of July. It was warm and sunny, there were no clouds in the sky. I remember that I can smell lobster cooking in the boiler and the smell of chicken wings on the BBQ
      I looked down at the food on the table on the deck. There were all kinds of stuff. My mom's potato salad, my sister's seafood salad and all kinds of appetizers were arranged neatly on the table.
      Then I was standing near the trees as a friend of mine drove in with this other doubleganger who were dressed like they were going to a beach party. They carried stuff that apparently, my dream-self made. The carried a watermelon that looked like it was from my garden.
      I felt invisible in the dream. The two walked right by me without saying a word. I remember thinking, "How dare this person, my other-self drive-in with my best friend. Does my friend know that's NOT me? The seemed way to in love to noticed me. I watched as my other-self mad embraced everyone with a cheerful greeting as I could hear my mom, say happily, "Oh you shouldn't have! Oh, they all look so good, I want some now!" The hint of a little envy in her voice. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
      For some reason, I had no shoes on and I remember that I felt the wood under my feet, as I looked out from the deck to see everyone having fun, cheering in the water. This version of me was good at volleyball. This was after I watched my other self carve the watermelon like it was pumpkin... "Man, that other me had skill!! Why didn't I think of that!!"
      I remember feeling like that this version of me was looked better and was better than me at everything.
      To explain how it felt; imagine those people that you see at work or anywhere else that is popular and successful. The one who has everything including your family. They seem more poised, looks, confidence, funny and the one who attracted more people around them in minutes with their sweet, luring behavior. That person can light up a room everywhere they go. It looked like they were having fun in the water. They were playing water volleyball. I remember thinking, I would take my old roommate from college over this clone, this version of myself.
      Then I remember walking in the door into the house I remember that my mom was like, "I thought you were outside in the water? Why are you not wet?" I ignored her and went into one of the bedrooms to set on the toilet to sob because it felt so, frustrating, seeing someone you share so much with, is better than you. *sighs*
      Then when I got up from the toilet and opened the door, I remember walked out the door but, now, the scene changed and I was now in a pub. It was my favorite pub that I would go to once in a while. I recall looking. In the dream, it was a Monday night and that was the night where the beer and wine are free.
      For some reason, I went to the bank to get so extra cash for things that I need at the store because I needed some money for the cap ride back to the hotel that I was staying at in the dream. They stole my house too. This doubleganger also, changed my account passwords and shit. This infuriated me because this person stole my life.
      Instead of going home with the money that I had, I remember that I went back to the bar and it was now had long lines but, they let me in because I looked like my other self. I remember watching myself in the middle of a large circle. Everyone was watching my other-self. I felt left out. I felt like I wanted to kill my other self, ERRR!
      I remember watching an old drunk look at me then look at my doubleganger, and look at me again and then said, "Woah? Gotta watch yourself, you can be that way someday!" Then he staggered off singing to himself, "It takes two to make a thing go right."
      Then I left then I turned when I heard the cheer on my other-self. I felt the overwhelming sense of sadness and rage, my eyes started tearing up. I was not alone in the middle of the night and had started to pour and I was now soaked to the bone. I remember singing to myself, "Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain!!"
      For some reason in the dream, I didn't drink but, I felt like I was a little tipsy. I stalk down the sidewalk. The more distance I put between myself and in this other self, the angrier I become. And I’m not even sure at whom. Was it because that I found myself in the dream, angry at my other self or at myself.... Me, me?!
      My face is hot. Lines of rain trail down my sides. Without thinking, I step into the street against a crosswalk signal and instantly register the sound of tires locking up, of rubber squealing across the pavement.
      disbelief as a yellow cab barrel toward me.
      Through the approaching windshield, I see the cabbie so clearly—a mustached man, wide-eyed with naked panic, bracing for impact.
      And then my hands are flat against the warm, yellow metal of the hood and the cabbie is leaning out his window, screaming at me, “You dipshit, you almost died! Pull your head out of your ass!” Horns begin to blare behind the cab.
      I retreat to the sidewalk and watch the flow of traffic resumes. The occupants of three separate cars are kind enough to slow down so they can flip me off.
      Then I woke up.
      *Stares at text*
      Wow, I bet my dream doubleganger is better at grammar too.


      Edited: This is NOT the first time I had a dream like this. (I have had these dream since I was little) In one dream that I had once, I was not the original, I was my clone, and I was seeing things from the clone's perspective. I was apparently, not the original because when I looked down at my toes they were webbed and original didn't and someone told me that I was a clone. How do you know you are you? It reminds me of an episode from "The Monkees", you know that show way, way back in the day?
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      I have had my share of clone or clone(s) dreams that you wouldn't even believe if I told you. There is an infinite amount of possibilities of how something like this would play out. Technically, dreaming of anyone in a dream, is you in the dream. So, does the same rule applies? I feel a little hesitant to share the other clone dreams that I have.
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