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    Thread: Have you ever woken up crying after a dream?

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      Have you ever woken up crying after a dream?

      This last night I had a dream where I think that I had some minor arguments with a couple dream characters - or maybe not exactly arguments, but it was some sort of disagreements or something like that, which I think put me in a bad mood - and I woke up in the middle of the night for a moment and felt that I was actually in the mood to cry.
      I tried to smile, but it was almost impossible since the corners of my mouth were shaky and tense, just like they typically are for people who are crying, and I felt a strange sad sensation, and my eyes were squinty and half closed.
      I just accepted this as a very powerful effect from the last dreams that I had, and I had stopped feeling that way the next time I woke up.

      Have you ever experienced anything similar to this?

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      No, but what you're feeling is common. Our sensations and emotions pass from the dream to wake life. Your best option is to separate wake and dream life, don't make dream things affect you (if they're bad, y'know)

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      I'm not exactly sure how, but I know for sure that dreams are closely tied to emotion. I used to experience this every week.

      One time I had a dream that I was a child again, in the floor of my grandfather's house. I got angry because he would not play with me. He passed years ago, and I miss him dearly. But in this dream I was truly furious with him for not playing with me. I felt the exact same emotions and mentality as a child would, with absolutely no awareness of how immature I was being.

      I WAS a child again.
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      Welcome back!! Laurelindo and sloth!
      Once I fell asleep listening to "For What It's Worth" by the Buffalo Springfield. This was after someone important died in my life who had cancer. I felt so emotional in the dream that I woke up balling. I missed him so much. The dream felt like everything that I knew and loved just flashed before my eyes. The scene of when they died replayed in my head, over and over. The rest of the day felt so hard for me. I felt both happy, sad but, mostly lost.
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