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      Why I believe in time dilation

      A few years ago I attended a course on ju jitsu. During the course they had people volunteer to be choked out and put to sleep. A kid volunteered and they put him asleep. He was asleep for not even 10 seconds before they shook his feet to wake him. When he woke up he was disoriented, he went on to tell everyone how he had a dream that he thought he went home, had dinner and went to bed.

      To me this must mean time dilation is real. For this kid to go through this whole ordeal of going home, having dinner and getting ready for bed all in the span of being asleep for 10 seconds is truly amazing to me.

      Thank you for reading

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      Time dilation is absolutely real. There is more than one psychedelic that can do this. People have reported living entire lifetimes, growing old and then coming back, with complete detail, after consuming salvia divinorum. The effect lasts about ten minutes, at most. Do the math on that one.

      When I was about thirteen years old, my cousin was staying over at my place. We got ready for bed, and he chose the bottom bunk of the bed. I'm not sure why that's all relevant but I'm painting a picture here. I put my head on the pillow, and I'm sure we talked a little, but after a while I closed my eyes. From through my eyelids I could see a faint glow from the setting sun through the window.
      Suddenly the faint glow in my eyelids faded to pitch. It remained completely black for no more than one complete second, and then the light quickly faded back in until it was very bright. I opened my eyes to see what was happening, and that's when I saw my room flooded with light. I then noticed the chirping of birds, and when I looked towards the sound I saw sunlight beaming through the window.
      It had all taken a total of about three seconds for me, but ten hours had passed. I would have assumed it was dreamless sleep, except I literally saw the sun go down and then come back up. I watched time fly, albeit through my eyelids. I felt like I hadn't slept, because I wasn't groggy, and I was fully alert. However, I also didn't feel like I had been up all night. I felt fine.
      And then I found a dollar.
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