My brother and I are some sort of guards at a dinosaur park. Apparently the cliché thing happens where the dinosaurs get loose and start breeding. We're stationed in the velociraptor pen where a geneticist has been trying to create poisonous gas to kill all of the raptors. Somehow they've evolved to where every gas has been ineffective. We're tasked with collecting raptor eggs so the geneticist can determine what poison would be effective against them. The raptors haven't gotten outside yet the pen yet, they're just loose within the raptor pen.

We determine the raptors have been nesting on the basement utility floor at the South end of the pen while the lab is at the top and North part of the pen. To get there we have to travel South along the top of the pen, take the main elevator down to the raptor pens, then take a service elevator down to the basement utility floor.

We gear up in some black, full body, high-tech, heavy, scaled bite resistant armor plus a helmet. It's apparently strong enough to withstand raptor bites. We also each get an electric gun like in the N64 Jurassic park game, only it was actually effective. The geneticist tells us he'll need about seven eggs to complete his research. With that we're ready to make our trip below.

We walk south along the top level of the pen which has research labs, offices and visitor centers. The center of the roof is triangular glass and is letting in a lot of sunlight since it's sunny and clear out currently. Once we get to the main elevator we double check our gear and then go in. My bro presses the pen floor button, the elevator closes and we descend.

When the elevator door opens we notice is very dark. Normal lighting is out and instead there's faint, red emergency lighting. It's also fairly quiet, but we can still hear some distant movement and raptor calls. We exit the elevator and enter service elevator right next to it. My bro inserts a key into the elevator and presses the utility floor button. The door closes and the elevator descends while making a not so subtle screeching noise.

The door opens and the utility floor is even darker, but still has some faint red light. We start walking through the utility floor, which is very mazelike and illogically laid out. There's many small rooms and small staircases. As we're progressing we don't see any raptors, but can hear some moving around and making their calls. We eventually come across the raptor nest which has many eggs. We can unfortunately only carry two each, so we grab two each and start to head back to the service elevator. As we're heading back a raptor jumps out at me and bites onto my right arm. The raptor is a pretty realistic size, which is roughly 1/3-1/2 human height. It doesn't pierce my armor, but is causing a lot of pressure and pain on my arm. My bro shoots it with his electric gun which causes it to release its bite and scream. After my right arm is freed I also shoot it and within seconds its skin starts to bubble, burn and turn black. The raptor falls over and twitches a bit before it stops moving while it's blackened corpse smokes a little. We can hear many distant raptor calls and screams and hear the raptors running around and we decide we need to get out quick.

We start to jog (can't move fast because the armor is quite heavy) back to the service elevator to try and avoid more raptors. As we're jogging through the winding rooms, hallways and staircases we can hear the raptor horde getting louder. We make it to the service elevator, push the button and the door closes. We get up to the main elevator take that up to the top and walk back to the lab. We give the geneticist the eggs and go back to the main elevator to get the last three eggs.

We take the main elevator down again and when the door opens a raptor jumps in and bites me in my left arm. We both blast the raptor and it's sizzling corpse rests in the corner of the elevator. We go into the service elevator and take it back down to the utility floor. When the door opens another raptor jumps in, but we both were ready and blast it before it can bite either of us. We can hear the raptors all around us, clearly upset we've stolen some of their eggs. We begin to jog as quickly as we can back to their nest to try and minimize contact with them.

As we're making our way to the nest we encounter several raptors and shock them before they can attack us. Suddenly, the emergency red lights go out and we're in pitch black with the sound of raptors all around us. We turn on our helmet's head lights and continue our jog to the nest. We have multiple raptors jump out at us, but we're able to shock them before they can bite us. We make it to the nest and quickly grab three more eggs.

We start heading back to the elevator, but are quite panicked due to the darkness, the deafening sound of distant and close raptors and the frequent raptor attacks. We're jogging through the utility floor trying to find the service elevator, but we get lost in the darkness. We continue getting attacked by raptors, but keep shocking and killing them before they can bite us. We're frantically trying to find the elevator and are getting really frustrated because we know we've gone in some circles. Eventually we recognize a passageway and figure out how to get to the elevator.

We jog as quickly as we can to the elevator and get inside. My bro pushes the button and the door starts to close. Immediately a raptor jumps in and bites my right arm and drags me to the ground. It starts to pull me out of the elevator and my bro isn't able to get a good shot. I'm able to maneuver my gun into the raptor's chest and fire. Its chest burst a bit and some blood sprays onto me. I get back up and into the elevator. My bro pushes the button again and we ascend. The elevator opens and we take the main elevator back to the top floor. We return the eggs to the geneticist and that's where the dream ends.