Hello, dear community!

I found my way back to this forum through reddit. How are you? Recently, my interest in dreams spiked through the roof. Below you can read, if you're interested, my dreams and the stories around them - a shared dream object, dream communication, a potential love story and an induced dream in another person. It's long, I know. Take a deep breath, as I do while hitting the submit key here.

Disclaimer: If you don't believe my stories, I won't try to convince you. It's for yourselves to decide.

When we dream, we go to places, where maybe we can all connect. Okay - that's a bit too much of a claim, but in theory, if all the people in the world were interested and willing to share dreams and stories, as you are guys here, we can probably raise the level of collective consciousness and subconscious awareness to unimaginable levels. Read on and you might understand why I think like that. I share my personal life with you here, I don't know why. Maybe I'm still infatuated and need to vent to strangers. Most of the below is real life stuff, not dreams. Here we go:

1. 2017 After dropping out of college (heeey any fellow dropouts? WE RULE! ) I started work in IT and met a colleague, whom I shared a lot of common things with - just a great homie! We played basketball, we used to hang out a lot after work, smoke funny stuff and always used to have an occasion for good laugh, when working together. Then, one day I randomly shared one dream with him - how I saw a specific car make and model with a specific color on a specific street in my town, Plovdiv. I don't even remember anything else, but it doesn't matter, because then he told me he saw that same car with the same color, on the same street, the same night, which was 3-4 days before.

2. 2018 My sister shares with me she had a shared dream as a child - she and her best friend in junior school (4th graders then I think) saw each other on a place where they usually meet. Sat on a bench and started playing with their old phones. Then they say to each other - "Wait, when did we talk about seeing each other here this morning?" They realized they had done it in a dream a few hours ago - my sister told her friend "Ok see you in the place in a while"

3. 4-5 weeks ago - I told a very close friend of mine about this dream I had, seven years ago:
tl;dr - I saw a woman with golden aura and golden eyes, who whispered her name to me.

The moment I told my friend the name Adelina, he was amazed. He told me he's been interested in a girl with the same name and somehow he connected the golden color and golden eyes with her. (I don't remember how, we were really drunk). Two-three days later, after that party night, he messaged me, saying that after he told her about my dream, she said she loved him for the first time. The excitement I felt for a moment was very intense, as you can imagine. I suddenly realized what impact can the dreams and facts around them have in the real world.

4. 2 weeks ago - I have a crush on this girl, whom I met in Florence - seen her only once then, June 2019, but after we started chatting almost every day 3 months ago, I think I see in her a potential twin flame/soul. I don't want to get into details here, bit some synchronicities happened between us and also with my sister and the friend from story 3, which somehow spiked my interest. One day my sister told me - why don't you make her dream of you? That was all she had to say to motivate me try. One evening I just wished for it and 4 days later she told me she had a dream of us travelling with a train going somewhere. Up until this point, seeing each other was only mentioned to be just to have a drink and a good time. I managed to keep the secret only for a week though - I told her I secretly wished she could see me in her dreams. All of the sudden she tells me she needs to see me and talk to me "I can't explain it" she said. But guess what - as in all good stories there's drama - she has a serious boyfriend and they live together. So it took me 2 weeks to shake off the initial burst of feelings for her. I undoubtedly will tell her how I feel - we are supposed to meet in 2-3 weeks. Isn't it fascinating? How I wished it and she told me it happened? I've rarely felt so excited in my life.

These experiences sealed the deal for me. I started journaling again and am motivated to learn the ways of LD. I believe in shared dreaming, the movie Inception is prophetic, my belief is now 100% pure and real - there is something out there, which we need to find! I am well aware that one lifetime is not enough, but we have the power to start this for the next generations to develop and enjoy. Who knows? Maybe higher dimension beings aren't aware of us either and we might be the first to break consciously there and surprise them.