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    Thread: Whatís the most bizarre dream youíve ever had?

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      Whatís the most bizarre dream youíve ever had?

      Mine, I was in a hospital bed and had just given birth (Iím male by the way). The doctor comes over to me and shows me my children. Itís a litter of puppiesÖ I still have no idea why I dreamt this.

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      Spoiler for bizarre:

      Then again I have a lot of dreams that can be considered bizarre. :/

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      I do not think I could identify any one dream as most bizarre because there have been many weird ones. The weirdest stuff happens on some level that my waking brain can not relate to so often I can not even journal what happened. Lately I have been learning stuff about moving disembodied through the space between some sort of layers. I randomly looked back in my on line DJ and the first one I spotted was this one. The bizarre part is what I experienced at the end. I was told I should watch "the sunset" but what ever it was I was talked into look at was overwhelming and far beyond what I can understand or relate in words.
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      I think my most bizarre, and at he same time beautiful dream I ever had, was merging with a creature that was an ostrich with some reptilian head...
      It all happened after being so scared, when chased by the beast, but then I realized was a dream. I stop immediately, then turned around and stare the beast coming towards me. Now, in slow motion, floating and spinning in circles, I blend in with the beast. We become one and dissolve in the air.
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      Yeah, being 50 years old and having extremely messed up disturbing and horrific dreams since my earliest childhood memories it's quite impossible to pick one. Or even remember them all. I just woke up from some disturbing shit, walking through corpses with a shot gun in an apocalyptic setting hunting bad guys. Not just corpses, but corpses in all different states of decay and mutilation. Some even mummified skeletal like. And wading through pooling slimy muck and rot from the decomposing bodies. But on the bright side of the dream, I was the hero at least, and hunting the people responsible for this mess. And as I blow away the last of the villains, I say, "I'm not one of you and I never will be one of you." It was like some gang of evil people were trying to convert people to their ways or something and I was fighting them all, taking them out one by one. There was a scene where I saw a group of people covered in like maggots and lice or something, huge white slug like insects in their hair and all over the place really. The people were shaking the bugs off of their bodies and out of there hair and eating them to survive off of. (I'm pretty sure that bit was influenced from all the wilderness survival stuff I've watched where people are always having to eat the most disgusting things.)

      I've had some dreams so messed up over the last year and a half I wouldn't even describe them to anyone. I mean, since the loss of the center of my world in early 2020, combined with some other factors, I've been in the worst place mentally than I've ever been so it's reflected in my dreams sometimes. But having said that, it doesn't always come out in a horrible way, sometimes quite fascinating. Like some deeper part of my mind understanding where I'm at and trying to help me out.
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      From memory alone it's difficult to say what my weirdest dream so far could be, I think I'd have to skim through all of my DJ to try and find one. As others have kind of said, I imagine some people might class some of my dreams as bizarre even though I mightn't myself.

      I guess one of the weirder ones that I can recall was in my childhood, in which my mom is standing outside my bedroom by the kitchen, which is the only place light is coming from, and she has a third eye. I vaguely recall having a conversation with her. This dream was so realistic, I still mistake as feeling like waking memory.

      Quote Originally Posted by Caradon View Post
      Not just corpses, but corpses in all different states of decay and mutilation. Some even mummified skeletal like.
      More recently I've had some dreams involving rot and decay of corpses too and I think body parts on one or two occasions, I see it as a darker but just as true side of life, so that's probably why it doesn't feel too weird to me even within the dreams. I guess it's an aspect of fascination as you mention sometimes having. Plus, in another sense I also see rot as the presence of life, you wouldn't get it if there were no bacteria and so on. Of course in a waking situation I'd feel this type of situation would be unsanitary, to say the least...
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      I remember like it was yesterday, and it was like at least half my lifetime ago at this point. Think that means I'm getting old when I start thinking like that lol.

      It was one of my flying dreams, non-lucid, I was over the ocean just flying. I saw some jutting cliffs ahead of me, almost like fjords but not as mountainous surrounding. It was two huge cliff faces in the middle of the ocean, with a narrow chasm in between that separated them all the way down to the water. The cliffs were a vivid kind of reddish-brown, and crumbly in consistency. Like if there were mountains in the desert, I imagine. They seemed really old, like crumbling-into-the-ocean-any-minute-type old.

      I landed on the top of the one closest to me, and could see the inside of the cliff face in the chasm, and I could see literally hundreds of golden doors spread out on this cliff face, from the very bottom near the ocean waters to the near top of the cliff face. They were wider than normal doors and were a metal type, I could see them reflecting the sun, and they had these wide frames, maybe like a foot, all around and made of the same color and material as the door. There was no order or symmetry to their placement, just all over, sporadically yet equidistant. The cliff I was standing on opposite of the doors had no bridges or ways to cross to the doors, so you couldn't just walk over and open one up. I would say it was at least a hundred or two feet across the chasm.

      I just remember standing there and looking at them, that feeling of awe and kind of shock at seeing them all. Dream ended shortly after seeing them and taking it in, unfortunately, and have never been able to go back or get that dream again. It is at the top of my list of destinations to manifest when I have the ability to. I would love to know where they lead.

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