I'm the archemage at a castle. I'm with a young adult man in normal clothes who's apparently a knight. He tells me he has to slay some flying monster. I tell he not to since he isn't prepared, but he doesn't listen and ascends the highest tower to lure in the monster. For some reason, I believe I can't walk up the tower like the knight and instead have to teleport. I use my typical method for teleporting, which is closing my eyes, imagining where I want to teleport to, turning around 180 and opening my eyes. After my third attempt, I appear in the tower with the knight.

The room is walled on three sides with the fourth side being completely open. I see the monster, which is similar to large WoW gryphon. It's flying towards us from the open side. The knight is standing in front of me, prepared to fight. Unfortunately, the gryphon just flies in and picks him up in its talons with no resistance from the knight. The gryphon flies out of the tower and continues flying away very fast. I consider what I should do, which is very limited. I could attack the gryphon, but even if I did hit it, it would just drop the knight and he'd die anyway. I could try and teleport the knight after I hit the gryphon, but the knight is very far away and would be falling as I try to teleport him which poses a great risk. A small mistake when trying to teleport someone could mutilate and kill them. I decide I might as well try, since he's going to die anyway if I do nothing.

I chant some gibberish to charge up a lightning bolt spell and then cast it at the base of the gryphon's left wing. I get a direct hit which blasts the gryphon's left wing off and also blows a chunk out of the left side of it's body. The gryphon releases the knight and they both start free-falling. I chant some different gibberish to charge up and lock on a teleport spell to the knight. After I get a good lock, I cast the spell which teleports the knight behind me. I'm terrified to look behind me, since I'm worried I miscast the spell and mutilated or killed the knight. I slowly turn around and see that the knight is perfectly fine.