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    Thread: Dream Journal Podcast

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      Dream Journal Podcast

      I'm thinking about starting a podcast in which I narrate interesting selections from dream journals. Sort of Twilight Zone-ish, except with things that people have actually experienced as dreamers. It may never catch on to be very popular, but I think it would be kind of fun. Does anyone have any dreams that they would like to share, or dream journal entries that they think would make interesting audio?

      And does anyone have any objections to me using material from the Dreamviews dream journal database?

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      I think this is an interesting idea and the format sounds nice enough in principle.

      Ideally, I think you should look to approach each individual whose entries you're interested in, asking them if it's alright to use their entries for this; copyrights aside, there's the matter of whether they feel comfortable or not with specific entries being shared in this way. I don't necessarily think you need approval from Dreamviews to do this but I do think you should at least have the permission of any relevant individuals.

      For instance and speaking for myself, in principle I wouldn't mind if my entries were used for such a thing under the conditions that I was consulted about each entry and that a selected entry is presented tastefully. Even if only usernames, you still want to be sure to not somehow portray people in a bad way somehow; perhaps the individuals can provide relevant context and so on to help prevent such things and that's why consulting with the individuals would be ideal in my mind.
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      Oh wow; I actually like this idea. I have actually had some massively powerful dreams since updating my journal on DV. Obviously you'll only see what's been posted here; but if you go ahead with it and are interested, I'd be happy to give you one of my later dreams.

      With information though, I do have a suggestion, which would be to ask for approval of any user you want to take a dream from. Like if they'd be okay with you using that dream or not.
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      This is a great idea! I wouldn't mind contributing dreams. I still remember my first lucid dream pretty clearly and I think it could be a good one with some editing since dream journaling was still new to me then. Another dream of mine that might be interesting is my first galantamine dream. That one is a trip.

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      Ask permission of any or each member,
      Then record a demo, so the member can decide whether or not they want their dream narrated.
      Are you able to record a demo?
      A demo means you can practice narrating the dream/s, before actually narrating them.
      Does a podcast require copyright acknowledgment, or even a broadcast licence?
      Would listeners be able to offer comments or feedback, like that of this forum?

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