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      Iíve noticed recently that I can selectively block, relay, or amplify external noises while asleep. Not a big deal, Iím just posting it because its new to me.

      The reason Iíve noticed it now is Iíve started playing Buckethead music to mask external noise while sleeping. Sometimes the music is totally absent from my awareness while Iím dreaming or thinking while asleep. At other times I can hear it, just like I would while awake. Last night I had a dream in which the external music was much louder in my dream than while awake, as if amplified. Then in my dream I turned off the amplification and it went back to normal.

      When transitioning from being able to hear the music to not being able to here it, thereís a sense that the external impression is being copied or duplicated in the context that Iím dreaming in. It sounds the same in the dream as it does when awake though.

      Iím pretty sure Iím not remembering the music and recreating it from my memory, I think Iím hearing what is actually happening at that moment.

      The experience of sound is of course constructed from vibrations in the ears, and projected to an imagined location based on the relative amplitude and possibly phase of the two signals. So the experience is always imagined in that sense, even though I lack the ability to fiddle with the volume while awake.

      When I say ĎIí do these things, I mean my subconscious. As is my habit, I do not try to consciously drive my dreams. I make suggestions to my subconscious, which handles those details, and the conscious part of my mind witnesses and thinks about the result. The tradeoff is that the conscious ĎIí seems to be less in control, but Iím open to new experiences which I would not be able to come up with consciously. Possibly Iím more mediumistic as a result, which might be undesirable, but thatís going off topic.
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      That reminds me of this: https://www.dreamviews.com/education...ml#post2241806

      Here: https://www.dreamviews.com/research/...cid-dream.html

      I once fell asleep listening to a whole hypnosis file: Pregnancy hypnosis. I thought I was pregnant and in labor/ Giving birth while DC were laughing at me, in a dream. I didn't become aware because it was more a situational thing and becoming more aware was a little harder to accomplish in this instance... I just went with the story. Probably not Ideal for lucid dreaming.
      With you, I think it is a matter of fight or flight. Or the right condition(S) that made you experience that. Sometimes, our brains have funny ways of telling us what is going on externally and because I'm assuming you had headphones on that was one of the external sounds that you were dealing with besides the other senses.

      Like I have said before we know very little about sleep and Dreaming.
      When that happens again, you may want to keep your volume at a comfortable level. (IMO)
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      Thank you for sharing! I’ve been playing around with this too, and getting varied results.

      Your post is inspiring. I’m going to continue to observe and play around with this.

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