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    Thread: Safe for work dream that doesn't seem so

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      This dream was weird. In the dream I was in a trailer park and just by God like will I made every guy in existence thicc and buxom. Every girl liked this. Then every guy wasn't and God made me thicc and buxom. I went from one trailer to a building. Where I was greeted by a demon that just looked human. We fought. God was giving me advice? There was no limit on powers. Finally killed the demon after he had transformed several times and finally into a car. Ripped out his heart tried to burn them decided to freeze it. Ended up smashing it.

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      I wonder what your feelings were during the whole dream?

      I like Jungian style analysis, which looks at elements of the dream as aspects of ourselves. So I would start with something like - what aspect of my personality could be represented by this demon? A part of you that maybe you don't fully accept - perhaps it's a vice or just something you don't approve of. So in the dream you're at war with this aspect, which shows you are trying to win over it through force. You want to subdue this aspect of yourself into obedience. It keeps transforming, though, and that makes it tricky to defeat. This can be relatable to personality traits that are sneaky in how they pop up from time to time. Transforming into a car could be a symbol for the power this aspect of yourself gives you. Even if it is undesirable, maybe it gives you the power to move you toward your goals (such as ambition)?

      In the end, you win through force, but its heart is smashed. Perhaps a part of you is feeling unaccepted, unlovable, and therefore its heart [a piece of your heart] is also smashed? Even if it is an undesirable trait, it may need acceptance to fully be integrated and therefore be able to be managed effectively.

      Just thoughts. I hope it's helpful and gives insight.
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      funny you say that...you re not the only person to say that about a dream of mine. thaat there ere two sides of myself that neded intrgating. the dream was exciting. that was my feeling.
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