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      My wife claims that when she dreams, especially instensely, that she feels less rested in the morning. Myself on the other hand am the complete opposite.

      First a little background on us:
      I am an average LDer, gaining control maybe 1 out of 10 times. I don't DJ, but I do remember most dreams, especially the early morning ones. She never LDs. But, she claims when she is having a dream, she is aware it's a dream and "forces" herself awake because she feels, well, like dreams wear her out, not let her get rest.

      I find we also dream about different things. My dreams tend to be SUPER archetypal and deep from the subconcious. While hers are not.

      For example, she will watch a show on snakes or bears on TV. Then she will normally dream about being attached by a snake or bear. My dreams are no where that literal.

      Now, when I asked if when she has these dreams she knows shes dreaming at that time (not just "I remember my dream when I wake up). She said "yes, that's why I force myself awake."

      I told her that if she has the gift of being that concious of her dreams, she may entertain the idea of taking control, becoming Lucid, and doing whatever she wants. I've told her about a few of my experiences, and how cool they are. The only tip I told her is to stay relaxed in her dream. Because once she takes control and flies, has sex with David Hasselhoff (lol.. that was my joke, but encouraging her to "experiment" with dream sex) she'll probably get excited and wake up. Which is dissapointing sometimes.

      So, after all that, I'd be curious, when you dream, and/or LD, do you feel more rested? I do, my wife doesn't.
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      well, from my experience, we ALWAYS dream it's just that we don't always remember. But that is just a composition from what I've learned. I suppose that sometimes parts of her mind (for some reason or another) stresses to remember dreams. That could where here out mentally. or she may (mostly) remember dreams only while sleeping in certain (possibly uncomfortable) positions, many people are like that. so (since she may not remember what position she fell asleep in) her mind links dreams and sleepiness together.
      But then again sometimes I feel tired after having and unusably strong dreams.
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