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      While for me, i rarly seem to dream or remember the dream(usually with me though, whether i remember the dream or not, if it felt like i slept a lot longer than i usually do or the night seemed oddly long i know i dremt, as when i dond ream i usually just fall asleep and feel like i wake up nearly instantly after)this one i rememebr decently. The dream started out me flying around in some vehicle in the sky with some other people(freind i guess in the dream), but we end up being caught in some strange tornado type thing we get trapped in, the only way to escape is to jump out into the water below. The water turns out to be about 2 feet deep, the second i touch the bottom, i wake up, or i thought i did.

      The second i fell, i opened my eyes which was about a second after "waking" to see a strange shadow,a foot form my bed, for about 2 second before it walked through the wall, where i as seeing this was in my room so im guessing something like a wakeup dream.

      After seeing this, i fell fully sleep again, and was in the exact same dream, i was having before, the same thing happened and the only way was to jump. When waking up, i opened my eyes quicker than last time to see the shadow a bit better, knowing i would see it this time, and to make sure i wasnt seeing things last time i did and perfectly clearly(this is the first time anything like this has happened with m dreams before) i move my head up to try to get a better look at it, and about a second or 2 later its gone(also in my room again, with me sleeping on the bed)this time though something slightly different happened, i didnt go back into the dream again, as after i looked up to see the shadow dissapear, i hear a female voice sort of behind in/in the back of my head in a fairyly low voice, ive NEVER heard this voice at all before, it seemed a little harder to turn my head to look behind me, but the second i tried to turn i woke up.

      This is the first drea i ever had where i woke up and though wtf just happened there? anyone else have a similar experince like this, or thoughts on it?

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      Well, that seems strange. So you had a false awakening and then saw that shadow, fell asleep again, then woke up again to see that shadow again and actually hear someone talking to you and then ended up waking up for real? Atleast that's what I understood.
      I had one .. I don't know, it's kinda strange to call it a dream for me but after waking up I really was like 'WTF was that?' But that happened once.

      Why don't you try and encounter that shadow / voice .. whatever... in a lucid dream?
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