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      When my daughter was about three months old we had her crib at the end of our bed next to the window. For some unuasual reason this huge black mass would come into the room go to her bed then walked or, maybe I should say just moved in away I can't explain. Anyway, It always came next to my side of the bed next to my head. I can not began to tell you how afarid I was. This went on for a few weeks. Then one night the big black heavy evil feeling thing came back to my side of the bed and a verse from the bible came into my head, The head of you is your husband and the head of him is God. Then I guess God or one of his angles told me to turn my back on the evil thing and touch my head, meaning my husband. I did that and I never had any trouble with the thing again. I only wish I could write how firghtened all of this was. I was scared for my baby and for myself. My husband was never aware of what was happening. I know that I was awake because I could see the light in the hall go off ontil it passed by. It was a hall light with a dimmer switch. It didn't bother the other kids. I was wondering if any of you know what this thing was??

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      Well, it could be paranormal or not, so it depends on which is more likely for you reason-wise. A dark and evil being wouldn't intrude upon your home for no reason.

      Hence, more likely than not, it was hypnagogic hallucinations. During sleep onset, it's a common trait for people to see visual hallucinations and/or hear sounds - all of which aren't actually there. I suppose the sense of touch also falls to it sometimes. The visuals range from imagining bugs, cats, etc. in your bed to shadow figures of humans, blobs, etc. moving about the room and house.

      So, I wouldn't worry about it. Yes, it's frightening but it's good that you found a way to rid yourself of the fear.

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      Yeah, to me that sounds a lot like the threshold entity commonly assosiated with hypnagogic stage. It scares the bajeebus outta me as well.


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