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      Funny Xena dream

      Hah, i had a funny Xena dream, actually everytime i went to sleep i dreamed of her everytime for some reason. She gave up on fighting evil dooers and i told her not to give up, she said i would not understand. I told her look at hercules...he lost his family and he is fighting evile, it's when good people do nothing when evil wins. She just walked off. Gabrielle came by and told her i know Xena, she ran away, i ran after ehr and told her i am best friends with hercules and she says "let me guess...your his brother?" and i said best friend, and what happens? hercules is beside me LOL! she ran off after and i said "pff she didn't believe me" So a big group of enemys came and i was a noob at sword fighting, and slow but i killed them all with ease....i killed one of my own guys by accident..he came out of nowhere and i was sentanced to death. The soldiers could not kill me, i killed some and fist fought the others. We stopped and the archers got ready and shot, they all shot in the air and i kept moving out of the way and the soldier si fought all died from the arrows, i laughed and the rest of the archers all shot up and killed the other archers the killed their own soldiers, and the archers that died killed the new archers. So i was pretty much the last man standing lol. I then killed some big bosses and won.Anyway Xena gave up and rather have fun then fight, so i joined her as me, and 4 others (i was holding the door as the car drove off, so i was flying from the movement). Was good dreams.
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