I've recently been doing a lot of work around brainwave activity, reading up on the various stages/states and especially how they correspond to different mental states, especially dreaming. I've also been doing some auditory entrainment to enduce different wave states while remaining conscious (not really that important to my over-all topic if you don't know what entrainment is). I've found that in a very active Alpha brainwave state, I often get a high degree of closed-eye visuals. These usually consists of 'patches' of colour that slowly fade from one colour to another, and change size and location across the visual field. I've also had similar experiences while being very calm and under the influence of marijuana (which has been shown in studies to increase Alpha-wave activity).

Recently though, I had very similar visuals connected to dreaming. I had just woken in the middle of a dream and was lying in bed. I closed my eyes and experienced the most intense shifting colours I've ever seen (this night I was not on any drugs, nor had I done any entrainment earlier in the evening, so I'm inclined to believe this was entirely connected to the fact that I had just been dreaming). The frequency of colour change was much more rapid than any I have ever seen, and the 'patches' of colour were much smaller, so that instead of 10-15 patches in my visual field at any one time -- which is what I usually get when this experience is drug or entrainment induced -- there were at least 50-75 patches (it's rather hard to count them as their boundaries are very vague and the rate of change is just too high to keep track of them). What looked to be laid over top of these shifting colours was similar to the regular, everyday, closed-eye 'static' that I get when I close my eyes during the day, but this particular static was much more uniform and less distinct.

The way I have been discribing the experience to myself is that it was as if I was able to see the 'Raw Dream Feed': as if the dream was being sent to me like a signal and for a brief period while I had woken, the 'converter' part of brain had stopped working and I was seeing the raw, uninterrepted dream. My own studies and experience of brainwave activity tell me this was most likely a highly active and widespread Alpha-wave state.

I was wondering if anyone else had closed-eye visual experiences they would like to share, or know of possible explanation/interpretations of them. Thanks for reading