I had a dream last night. None of my dreams in the past have ever been normal but this one was weird even for one of my dreams.

There is an island of jagged beige-colored rock. It is bare except for an enormous castle or palace built in the Turkish style, covering almost the entire island. The building is so large it seems to have been built for giants rather than for regular men. In my dream I am the master of this castle, a prince. I have a dark-skinned bodyguard dressed in Roman armor who follows me around. The island is surrounded by a vast calm ocean, stretching in all directions, until its blue melds with the blue of the sky. But below the calm surface of the surrounding sea lurk immense whales. I don?t know how I knew this in the dream but I do. These whales are not normal whales but more like the Leviathans of mythology, more the size of nuclear submarines than of natural beasts. Sleek and black, they look like monstrous sperm whales but with enormous gleaming teeth. Suddenly, they began to leap from the water, attacking the castle. For some reason the massive front doors to the castle are open. The doors are easily 50 metres high (everything in my dream is huge). The whales leap through the doors but slam into the nearest wall behind the doors and tumble back into the sea. I think I?m safe. My bodyguard then notices movement above us. With a terrified expression he turns to me and draws his blade. I look up at a tangled mass of gigantic wooden beams. Every now and then dark shadows blot out the spaces formed by the intersecting beams. The whales are flying above us, circling like sharks. I wake up.

Weird huh? Anyone have any idea as to how to interpret this dream? Or am I just tripping?