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      Recurring nightmare about my old highschool

      I'm having a recurring nightmare that I'm back at my high school. I really hated that school and was overjoyed when I finally graduated. Its not unusual for me to dream that a transition I've undergone has not happened or that its happened ahead of time. But this is different.

      If that bit about transition didn't make any sense let me explain in detail.

      Before going to camp I'd often dream that I was already there. While at camp I'd often dream that I was still home. Towards the end of camp I'd often dream that I'd already gone home, and once I'd gone home, I'd dream that I'm still at camp. The same thing would happen with summer vacation and school.

      This highschool thing is a little different. Its not as though my personal time has been displaced like in the typical transitional dream. There seems to be a back story.

      In the dreams I'm back at school, to get certain credits. There's even a time frame for getting these credits, two months. Afterwards I'll supposedly move on to college.

      Any idea what this means?

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      I read something on dreamdoctor.com about high school dreams (full article here: http://www.dreamdoctor.com/common/backatschool3.shtml):

      "Curiously, back to school dreams do not reflect a desire to return to school, nor do they reflect emotional trauma from our school years. Instead, the dreams reflect challenges in our current life—usually in a career or social context—about whether or not we will “graduate to the next level.” What’s the connection? The pressure we feel today reminds us of how we used to feel back in high school or college before we took an exam: nervous, and wondering if we will “make the grade.”

      Back to school dreams occur when we are stressed about completing a project at work, for example, or if we are switching careers, experiencing money problems, or are trying to “graduate” to a new position in our romantic lives. Because family plays such a starring role in your dream (you always are in your home town) we know you are feeling pressure to succeed from the watching eyes of your parents. Your second dream, of your mother being mean to you, reflects the oppressive nature of her high expectations. Will she ever think you are “a success?”

      I was going to ask you before looking at this interpretation: "What is happening in two months in your life?" Is there some kind of birthday? A meeting deadline? Maybe it's something you don't know about yet, but an opportunity that will appear then.

      I would tend to agree with the dream doctor article about these dreams reflecting fears and dreams we had in high school and corellating them to our everyday life. For me, high school was a place where I felt I fitted in, but didn't really care much for hanging out with the crowd. Now when I dream about highschool, it is within a similar context - I am feeling crowded by others in my waking life, or irritated that I am not getting enough personal space etc...

      Maybe take a think about what high school meant to you, and then try and think what is happening right now in your life that might remind you of that.
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