You've keep a dream journal for a while now. You've begun to notice certain symbols constantly coming up. Now you are able to use that symbol for reality checks and to better understand yourself.

But.. there are some questions about dream signs not often tackled..

What made them dream signs in the first place?

Dreams are manifestations of your introspections and conscious memories. There is a psychological reason why you are consistently associating to these dream signs. Their meaning and symbolic representation ought to represent a symbolic emotional attachment in your waking life. What is it..?

Can dream signs become reality signs?

After noticing dream signs, is it not likely that your attention to your dream signs will perpetuate your likeliness to notice them in real life? And if your dream signs were originate by reality in the first place, are you confusing your ability to recognize the meaning in the first place?

Whatever the origin of the dream sign, when do you start to manifest it yourself into your waking world?

Is this dangerous?

When you are able to notice yourself dreaming and being awake, is it possible for someone to lose the ability to distinguish dream signs from reality signs? I see many new dreamers saying that they are unable to tell the difference between dreams and reality. However, what about when you become completely aware of your reality signs? Are you able to take hold of your reality signs and then manipulate your dream signs? What does this lead to..?

What do you think...?