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      I'm new to this site, but I had a real crazy dream last night.
      I cant remember the beginning of it but it went something along the lines of a childhood friend of mine( who I have not seen in 7 years) being violent and killing 10 of the friends in a quick irrational act of violence. Her mom had called me over for advice on what to do. The strange part started when I got there.

      I was a little anxious about seeing my friend and knowing what she had done, but when I greeted her she seemed normal and pretty relaxed about me being there. I met with her mom and we went over the events of the night before. I asked where the bodies were and if she had told the parents. She said the bodies were in the closet and that she had not told the parents yet. She did call and tell them that they were all spending the night though. I advised that she call a lawyer immediately.

      She agreed and we went downstairs. She was going to call her lawyer. We walked down the stairs, which were wooden stairs with a faded red carpet. When we got down stairs I noticed that we were underground. There was a high ceiling(about 25 feet) white walls covering only 1/4 of the room. ( the wall on which the stair rested covered half of the wall (left to right) on my rightside. The other wall did the same covering the adjacent wall. The were a bright white. Anywho the picture describes the layout better.

      I was intrigued by the underground water so i went near it to see it. When I looked down there was half a dead white snake at the bottom. The water was crystal clear too. Then I noticed a small albino alligator swimming belly up.

      Hovering over the water was a glass thingy. It came from the ceiling made entirely of glass with edges in Gold. It had a glass wall that connected to the ceiling. The bottom of was like the end of a dessert spoon Shallow and curved. It was meant to be a place to sit and chill above the water there was even a big beige pillow laying there. You had to sorta jump to get on though.

      In the distance I saw a strange log. It was floating and what was strange was that it looked as if a white snake had tried to swallow it and only got halfway. The snake was decomposed and only its head was left albeit its head was in good shape.

      I jumped on to the glass to take a closer look through the glass as I took a closer look I saw a huge white something jump into the water in the far distance. Panic set in, there was more than one alligator I stumble off the glass but fell when I landed. The alligator was massive and had landed on top of the glass. Surprisingly it did not break. It had a huge belly a bit cartoonish looking belly but not the gator itself. I rolled away and managed to stand. I grabbed a nearby chair and started to fight it. Trying to keep it on the glass. But once it decided to come down which it did I had no choice but to move back. Once again when I stumbled back I fell. I rolled away almost falling into the water. The gator could not find me. Instead he went near my girlfriend whom was sitting on the red couch at the bottom of the stairs. I told her not to move. The gator got dangerously close breathing on her even. I could not stay down I had to help her. I got up grabbed the chair and starting hitting it again. The whole time the chair didnt break even though I was expecting it to. I managed to get my girlfriend up and I pushed her up 4 stairs and told her to run. I was now at the base of the stairs fighting the gator. My murderous friend who had watched the whole thing had not moved. Instead I shouted to her mom who in a mom voice told her to get the gator. She started fighting with it. I ran up the stairs into the first bedroom and shut the door out of breath. Then I woke up.

      I dont even know what to think. Any ideas?

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