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      i made a statement

      Last night before i went to sleep i made a strange statement to myself. ( heres some background first: 22 yr male, have my GED, haven't really done much in life recently besides get drunk )

      So the statement was to God/myself and it went like this...I am not ready to die, there is too much left i have never experienced and i need to get off my ass and start doing crap with my life.

      I fell asleep and didn't really think about it again. Then i had a really strange dream.

      I was a marine in Afghanistan fighting in a battle. All of a sudden a car bomb went off around me and blew me 50 ft. I opened my eyes and i was in my house and i heard the phone ring. i got up went to the caller id and it said USMC. ( united states marine corps )
      I was like that's weird, i was thinking the whole battle and everything must of have been a dream at that point. I didn't realize i was still dreaming...
      I tried to pick up the phone but i couldn't but somehow i heard my mom talking to the caller, couldn't understand what they were saying but i heard something, it had to of been someone from the marines telling my mom i had died. So then i went downstairs to find my mom. I tried talking and no one heard me. A day or so went by and i thought to myself, "man i haven't eaten or drank anything in a day." At this point i realized i must of died and been a spirit.
      Eventually i found my mom and tried talking to her. ( she is alive but somehow could see/hear/feel me ) I grabbed her hands and then she started talking to me. She said i needed to cross over and i would start a whole new life over somewhere else. I told her i wasn't ready and i didn't want to leave her or anyone but she told me i had to. I tried to cross over and then i woke up.

      I think the point of this dream was my mind telling me that anything could happen any day, anytime and to get my ass going so when i do die i will at least know i have done something with my life. If any body has any comments or other interpretations i would love to hear them.
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