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      Half successful WILD leads to dreamer's blue balls.

      I feel I was so damn close to having a lucid dream it would have been my first.

      I tried the Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) method; so my body was asleep and a scene started playing for me. I was in first person view and flying around an island. I was flying along the coast and was kind of half in and half out of the water and doing a circuit of the island's coast. I thought "Wow I'm so close!" then the effect was lost.
      Since then I haven't been able to sleep (even after dumping 400mg of Valerian Root) and have a sort of lucid dreamer's blue balls! Frustrating!

      I think I might be focusing too much on the WILD. When I clear my head, and attempt to let the darkness of my eyelids wash over me, I feel closer to being able to transition. But my mind often to wanders when I'm attempting to WILD, even if I'm tired and have dumped some Valerian. But what's worse is that even when my mind doesn't wander I can't seem to nod off to sleep, let alone transition into a WILD.
      I'm beginning to think I simply can't sleep on my back I normally sleep on my side or stomach.

      Has anyone been able to WILD on their stomach and can I get a general idea of people's opinions, thoughts and feelings on what seems to be a rather large hurdle for me?

      Thanks in advance.

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      you don't have to wild on your back. I've gone through sleep paralysis on my back, side and stomach. Just wild in a position that feels most comfortable for you. Which is usually the pisition you fall asleep in.
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      When you're attempting WILD are you going through a normal sleep cycle (like 6-8 hours), waking up and then trying it? That method has worked both times I've actually mustered the strength to get up super early. Every other attempt I've made to to induce a LD has failed if it's the end of the day and I'm just going to bed.

      Both times I've been sleeping on my side. I also experienced that "I'm almost lucid" feeling during the initial stages of my second LD. It was an odd sensation but I recall just trying to focus really, really hard on a person who was talking to me in my dream and I gradually felt myself transition into a lucid state. A couple of times I could feel myself getting pulled back into a fuzzy, non-lucid state so I would have to refocus on something else and I would feel my control coming back. Not sure if that makes sense but it's the best way I can describe it.

      I almost gave up after my first few weeks because I was so frustrated. Stick with and try the method that worked for me, it's absolutely worth waking up extra early for.

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