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      Achieving the benefits of lucidity without realising it's actually a dream

      If you were dreaming but couldn't realise it was actually a dream, do you think it would be possible to get the full benefits of lucidity without the realisation? I read this from the Awareness and Reasoning section of the Wikipedia entry on lucid dreaming Lucid dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :

      In 1992, a study by Deirdre Barrett examined whether lucid dreams contained four "corollaries" of lucidity:

      knowing that one dreams,

      that objects will disappear after waking,

      that physical laws need not apply,

      and having clear memory of the waking world,

      and found less than a quarter of lucidity accounts exhibited all four.

      So the question 1): Could achieving 100 percent control in a dream mean that realising it's a dream would be a natural by product of the control?

      Question 2) If you were in a dream and you wore a virtual reality mask, or entered a "virtual reality room" where you had complete control, knew your body could not be harmed, knew you were "in another world", would that give you the same benefits of "normal" lucidity - that where you "know it's a dream"?

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      I stumbled across these corollaries of lucid dreaming when I first go interested, I may try working them into my mantras, there have been so many times that I wasted a lucid dream because I wasn't aware enough to think to complete goals/tasks or even stabilise.

      As to your questions, you can have great control and not be lucid, your sub-conscious will find a way to work it into the dream-plot. Ditto for question 2, you wouldn't be aware, your sub-conscious would tell you you were in the matrix or some similar fictional setting.
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      Interesting points. But what are the benefits of LD other than having fun ? Besides I think there are stages of LD practice and control comes after recognition.

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