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      Lightbulb Dream Story


      I am not a lucid dreamer. (I have had on occasion had a lucid dream though, more on that later)

      I am, however, an author. I am currently working on a story about a guy that has a continuous lucid dream. I have been studying lucid dreams for the past month while working on this story and am trying to get more info on them, and how I can incorporate what I learn into my story. I thought the people who have lucid dreams may be able to help. I also think this is a fascinating subject.

      about the story:
      A man, Bob, who has just about the worst life possible. small, week, sickly, cruddy job, no family (grew up in orphanage) a crazy ex wife (will explain that more if needed), broke, no car, etc. you can imagine. Also has a female friend named Tammi who he was in love with in HS and still is, who he never asked out, who is now married to someone else (5 years after HS graduation) basic common loser scenario.

      He goes to sleep and has a continuous lucid dream. When goes to bed in real life, wakes up in dream life. Here, he is exactly the opposite of his waking life. Big, strong, healthy, married to the woman he is in love with, Tammi, has a great family, has his dream job, rich, lives in a great house, etc.

      So far in the story he has had 3 nights of a continuous lucid dream, always wakes up in his bed in his dream then goes about is day. He knows he is dreaming, and He is learning how to control what is in his dreams. He has had no prior lucid dreams in his life. His best friend (while he is awake) the same girl he is in love with since HS, and is his wife in his dream, Tammi, is a research scientist, and starts to research dreams- from a physical aspect (brain function).

      Tammi for book small.jpg

      Her husband is a psychologist who studied dreams and helps him understand the dream part of it. I plan on him continuing these dreams till he is asleep all the time, or some other plot twist I haven't come up with yet.

      Hopefully through this story I can shed some insight to others about the workings of Lucid dreams, and how to control them, and such.

      What I am hoping I can get help with from this community is more information on dreams, how to control them, and if a continuous lucid dream like this is even possible. How rare would it be to have a dream like this with no prior experience with them

      I did have an interesting dream I can remember vividly from a few years ago. I was working on a story, and was having trouble with one part of it. When I went to sleep I got the scene of the part I was working on in my dream. When I woke up I wrote it down. I can still remember it to this day. I have had a couple others in my life, but these are fading after 25 years.

      This story is a work in progress, so if any would like me to post, or send them a copy, I will, so you will better understand the story, and be able to help it along further if you are willing.

      the picture attached is what the friend/wife would look like. Picture taken by Lev Dolgatshjov. forgot what website.

      Any help I can get would be appreciated.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ideaman View Post

      What I am hoping I can get help with from this community is more information on dreams, how to control them, and if a continuous lucid dream like this is even possible. How rare would it be to have a dream like this with no prior experience with them
      Well to try to answer this question:
      You can find tons of information on how to control dreams if you search the forums. There is even a forum called Dream control.
      Continuous dreams are possible I believe, but you would have to be very skilled in lucid dreaming to make it work. And how rare is it to get such a dream if you have never had one before? Well, I would say as rare as in: it would never happen.
      Furthermore, from what you are describing it sounds like his dream is as logical as his waking life, but dream will always be dreams. They will always have things morphing into something else, dead people appearing or the like. You can not control everything. No matter how Lucid you get.


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      thanks for the info, I can use that. I know that in the real world, that this kind of dream isn't very possible, but remember, it is a work of fiction, and just as in dreams, in fiction anything can happen. That's why I was wondering, because the dream researchers in the book will not believe he is having these dreams, and that it will be a very odd case indeed, so I am gathering all the info i can from their perspective. I understand what you are saying about the dream being logical, I will have to work on that part when i learn more about them. but part of the point of the story, is that it becomes real to him, like it is his life, so it has to have some realness to it. That's why I need info so I can make a balance between the two, make the story believable, as to the dream aspect of it, but also real to him, so the character wants to stay in his dream.

      Thanks again for your help so far, I look forward to discussing this topic further.

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      I'm kind of surprised that you haven't had a lucid dream of your own yet, having been studying and thinking about lucid dreaming for a month. It probably wouldn't hurt to try it yourself if only for the sake of the book.

      Anything is possible, especially in science fiction. Theoretically, consecutive dreaming is possible. People have consecutive dreams, and from some of the dream journals I have seen it appears that such dreams can be induced. Some people have consecutive dreams spontaneously I think, although it is rare.

      Some dreams can be pretty logical, although I haven't yet read an account of any lucid dream that lasted for any length of time without something odd and dreamlike happening. But again, it isn't impossible, just unlikely. And if I were in Bob's place I don't think I would care too much about how logical it was. What is "normal" is relative anyway. I would imagine that Bob would eventually come to see his waking life become more and more dreamlike as he gets used to the dreamworld. When he finds things not being influened by his thoughts, and that he is unable to do even simple ordinary things (such as fly), he would start to see waking life in the same way that we see so-called abnormalities in our dreams. He would realize that when people die in this life, they stay dead. Imagine how horrifying that would become when one gets used to dream life where someone might die but nobody stays dead! So in the end, all of the "illogical" things from dreams might become more logical to Bob than reality, and reality itself would start to become unreal to him. Just a thought.

      The thing is, lucid dreaming is a relatively new science. Until recently, it was relegated to the realm of the paranormal, and few scientists would even think seriously about it. So there is a whole lot that we still don't know. I have found it best to say that no theory is impossible when there is such a lack of knowledge.

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