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      Lucid dream supplement question...

      So I bought a bottle of LD supplements from luciddreamshop.com. So first, I'm not pushing this by any means, I only just opened the bottle ten minutes ago, after having it for over a week!

      So, I'm reluctant to take them as I usually take melatonin to help me fall asleep, so my first question is, has anyone tried these pills? Successful? Second, is it safe to take it with a 10 mg melatonin from GNC?

      Yes yes you're not doctors, but if you've had experience with this it would obviously be invaluable.

      EDIT: Here's the link... http://www.amazon.com/Lucid-Dreams-S.../dp/B005EV7DJQ

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      I'd be careful taking supplements labeled as generic "lucid dreaming" aids. You should always be conscious of exactly what you're taking and the effects those drugs have. Not all supplements are created equally and poorly made supplements could contain harmful fillers or may just be placebos entirely. I'd suggest ordering from name brand companies only. This is not the place to be penny pinching.

      10mg of melatonin is a lot. I wouldn't say it's dangerous but you should most certainly be taking less (unless otherwise suggested by your doctor). Try taking it down to 3mg and see how it goes. Many people suggest 1mg or lower. Melatonin is also a REM suppressant, meaning it will reduce the frequency and intensity of your dreams. However, this effect usually wears off late in the night and can actually increase dreaming in the early morning. This is known as the REM rebound effect and is why melatonin is often taken as a lucid dreaming supplement. But with the high dose your taking the dose may not wear off until much later, inhibiting your dreaming ability.

      I do not see a dose amount of melatonin (or any ingredient) for the lucid aid your looking to take. However, I most certainly would not take them together. If the melatonin dose in the lucid aid is anywhere near the dose you're currently taking you may see some adverse effects.
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      Well yes, I've always been wary of stuff from the internet, let alone generic pills. And good point on penny pinching as well. This isn't the place to do that.

      As for the melatonin, it's a long story as they all are, but I'm doing what I can to avoid dependency. At one point I wondered if these could help with the LD supplements but apparently not, one or the other.

      And yeah, I wish they would have been more clear with the dosages of all the ingredients, especially the melatonin.

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