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      Question About Dream Journals, And Sharing A Bed With a Partner

      For those of you that share a bed with a partner, what works best for you that allows you to consistently get your dreams into your journal? I always go into the other room to write down my dreams (I use a paper journal), but I find that by the time that I've turned off the alarm, taken a piss, put some warm clothes on, and cut the lights on in the other room, my dream has somewhat faded from memory. What do you do that works well?

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      What I do is keep some scrap paper and a pencil at my bedside; whenever I wake up, I lean over and write jot notes of my dream in the dark (without turning the lights on). Since the lights are off and I'm not really getting out of bed, the dream stays fresh in my memory. It also shouldn't wake up your partner.

      In the morning, if you've recorded enough notes you should be able to remember the whole dream. Write down main points and any details that stood out, even the appearance of the dream such as whether it was bright/dark, or what the general color scheme was like.

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      I keep my iPod touch by my bed. I grab it, type up my notes and then upload them to DV later. I don't sleep with anyone but I guess its practically the same either way.

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      I don't share a bed, but I have to share a room with my brother so it is sort of a similar situation. I keep my DJ really close, I don't even need to reach out my arm for it. I put on a low light (I use purple christmas lights but that probably won't work for you lol) and it is enough not to wake anyone up but gives me enough to write by. After I have it down I either set my second alarm or wake up for the day. Maybe you can use the light of an alarm clock to jot down the main points of the dream?
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