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      Throat chakra meditation, subconscious wisdom and lucid dreaming

      I just recently read that meditating on the throat chakra can increase/improve lucid dreams. I did a little basic meditation on the throat chakra Saturday night, and di have an interesting lucid dream Sunday morning (7:30ish). Tried again last night, but no repeat. Anyone here know anything about this? Two questions:

      1. I used to do some chakra meditation years ago, and it was pretty basic stuff. I'd start with the root chakra, imagine it glowing red, and just try to keep that up until I felt either a little physical or emotional stimulation, then up to the general chakra, imagining it glowing orange, etc., all the way to the crown chakra. I'd maybe spend one to two miniutes on each one, spending about ten minutes on the whole thing. It always used to give me a slight "high" but I quit doing it because I didn't see any concrete benefits.

      Now, I guess I'd like to start this up again, since I don't want to meditate on the thraot chakra to the exclusion of all the others and pull my system completely out of balance.

      Is what I am doing sufficient for that? My actual throat shakra meditation is just to take a few minutes now and then, and concentrate on the throat glowing blue.

      2. On an unrelated subject, two lucid dreams in three days last week (a record for me). In each one, I ask to see something significant or gain knowledge. In each one I meet a "wisdom source" of some kind. First one is writing in the sky, and second is a guy in liederhosen (don't laugh, he reminded me of my father), but, in each case, I wake before the message is completely received.


      P.S. As most of you know, I am something of a skeptic, and see this as all the subconscious mind rather than higher energy beings and other planes, but that does not mean that I am not open to hearing opposing views.


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      Good! You should be open minded and skeptical at the same time and it seems like you are. Keep experimenting and see where it goes

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